Swift Creek – Magnolia

Swift Creek – Magnolia

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Swift Creek – Magnolia

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First and foremost, I am not an expert when it comes this band’s genre. Country and Folk is very different from Rock, so please excuse my lack of expertise for this one. But to be completely honest, I feel really delighted to have made a review on Spring Creeks’ new album.

I haven’t heard that many Country/Folk bands in my time but this band really hits home. Their album, Magnolia, is really giving me a hard time to find a word for it. It’s soulful, it has an element you wouldn’t hear often in a specific genre, its lyrics really have meaning to it – it’s just beautiful. The overall feeling that one could get from this album would probably be chills down their spine. That’s coming from a person who listens to different kinds of Rock.

Swift Creek is an Americana/Bluegrass band that’s genre is Country and a little bit of Folk. They’re a 5-man band from North Carolina with 4 different vocals and a string-based instrument set. What’s really awesome too is that their manager is also part of the band, and she just so happens to be playing vocals too. Their members are composed of expert Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, and Bass players who are all extremely talented at what they do.

Magnolia is definitely a great album, even for my taste. The compositions of the songs are fantastic, ranging from bluesy, chill songs, to songs that just make you wanna tear up the dancefloor, to drop-beat instrumentals that really define the Country genre so well. From my own perspective, the Violin, or in their terms, the Fiddle, slays every note when it’s needed. The Mandolin and Dobro are something I have never even heard of before, so its unique sound really got me to listen to it for hours. The Banjo playing is spot-on and everyone has their own solo, and that just really is amazing for me.

Every vocal in every song really just makes the album even better. I’ve always felt emotions in every song I hear, and that’s my basis for calling a song great. This band, a band that has 4 different vocals singing in different songs, manages to portray emotions into their songs really well. Especially when the song is emotional, they really deliver it – and that’s what really got me into this album.

Key songs that I’d like to feature are their songs that are emotional because that’s what really got me into this album. ‘Blue Bird’ is definitely my favorite song from this album. It’s an amazing song that I just want to listen to over and over again. It has every aspect of a song that I like, it has amazing lyrics, and the vocals really capture the perfect emotion for it. Other songs that I also really liked are ‘Wake Me Up to Drive’ and ‘Afterglow’ and you’d know why if you’d listen to the song.

All in all, Spring Creek is an amazing band and “Magnolia” really got my Seal of Approval for being such a great album. Spring Creek has really outdone themselves as they’ve made a listener out of me, a guy who almost never ventures out of his genres.

“Magnolia” is definitely a must-listen to everyone who wants to try and listen to a different genre for once.

Review by Cameron Catiltil

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x43ljHq2Bn4

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