Swigga’ Geovanni drops new Single

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Swigga Geovanni is the proverbial jack of all trades. The Brooklyn, Ney York native is a chef, real estate broker, songwriter, radio personality, singer and DJ who has decided to focus his attentions on building a music career and his first handful of singles signals he’s off to a fast start. Now based out of Hollywood and connected with Max Michaels Publishing, Swigga Geovanni’s latest release “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” is a tight knit and groove-centric effort incorporating a gamut of sounds and influences while still boasting an idiosyncratic voice and character. Rarely will you hear an early effort from a music artist so complete and assured. Geovanni is one of these rare talents who feels and sounds like he has something truly individual to say from the outset and yet retains the capacity for entertaining a wide cross section of listeners.

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He’s a talented writer and it’s clear he has a sharp instinct for song construction. There’s no doubt Geovanni has collaborated with skillful producers and performers to realize “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)”’s potential, but even a single hearing of this track illustrates he is the beating heart of what makes this such an enjoyable and lingering listening experience. Rather than keeping a distance between himself and the audience, Swigga Geovanni makes no bones about the song’s personal connections and lays himself on the line for listeners in a way few performers dare to. It doesn’t bear embarrassing results; you won’t feel like you are hearing about details too intimate for public consumption or fraught with trauma. “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” is, ultimately, distinguished by its rousing and victorious mood.

Musical excellence, likewise, distinguishes the recording. He has obvious influences you will detect throughout the entire song, but Geovanni shows a sure hand for developing those elements with an idiosyncratic approach that never risks imitation. He is far removed from the cookie cutter hip hop sound dominating airwaves today while still serving up some of the same textures and pop that modern music lovers covet. His ability to succeed on his own terms, rather than those of others, has defined much of his life up to this point and has proven to be one of the hallmarks of his musical journey as well.

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That self-assurance comes through in his vocal as well. He doesn’t have what you would deem a pleasing voice, perhaps, but it communicates a lot. Geovanni, likewise, is quite comfortable shifting his vocal tone across a spectrum of sounds and attitudes without ever losing the song’s personality. The vocal for “DMLY (Daddy Mi Love You)” burns with passion and it burns hot enough to suggest this love for performance and self-expression will carry his career and art for many years to come. He may be living in Los Angeles now chasing after his musical dreams, but Geovanni remains New York to his marrow and sets a high bar to clear for his musical future with this single. We can be confident there are even greater triumphs to come.

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