Szandra Mayer releases single for Summertime

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Szandra Mayer has been lighting up the American pop underground this year, releasing some of the most talked-about singles of 2019 in the sparkling “Never Ever” and darkly poetic “Never Really Good Enough,” and this August she returns to the spotlight with one of her most charming compositions to date in “Summertime Is Here.” Stylized around a juggernaut of a bassline and a fierce beat that was built specifically for the nightclub crowd, “Summertime Is Here” is Mayer’s heaviest song to see widespread release from a sonic perspective, and though its lyrical content is perhaps among the simplest of any track in her discography, I wouldn’t qualify its verses as being even close to subpar in comparison to what her work has produced in the past.


“Summertime Is Here” sees Szandra Mayer utilizing an EDM-style framework that I haven’t heard her toy with before. Her method of execution meshes well with the brisk pace of the percussion (admittedly more than I initially suspected it would), and there’s never an occasion on which she sounds like she’s in over her head or unprepared for the grind of the grooves. With regards to defining the mood of a lyrical narrative with nothing more than the tone of her voice, Mayer has become one of the most adept artists in her peer group over the last year, and she’s demonstrating everything that she’s been cultivating both in and outside of the studio in this fantastic new single.

The hook here is incredibly addictive. While it’s essentially a synthetic element that is as much a part of the foundation of the rhythm as the bassline is, the melody that glides over the chorus in “Summertime Is Here” has a uniquely enticingly, warm and natural feel that completely transcends its synthesized origins. Beyond all of the instrumental cosmetics, there’s never a point in time during this song where we lose sight of its true star – the one and only Szandra Mayer – which is really saying something when we break the track down to its brooding nuts and bolts. I’m impressed with how far she’s come in such a short time and, moreover, I’m definitely curious to finally hear a full-length studio album from her camp at in the near future.


If you’ve never heard Szandra Mayer’s work before now, I would highly recommend giving her music a spin this summer. She’s on the cusp of something really special with “Summertime Is Here,” and anyone who has been keeping up with the American pop beat knows exactly what I’m talking about. Her talent is impeccable, her approach to songwriting only growing more mature with time, and if she’s able to stay on this present artistic trajectory, I haven’t a single doubt in my mind as to whether or not she’s going to achieve the superstardom that she’s striving for. There are a lot of really skilled singers, songwriters and instrumentalists coming out of Florida right now, but this young lady definitely stands among the top tier of the state’s talent pool at the moment.

Jamie Morse

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