Talented Jazz Songwriter, Dana Robinson, Looks to Deliver Meaningful Lyrics Backed by Memorable Melodies

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Dana Robinson is Here to Rock Up the Industry With His Fresh Application of a Standard Style

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Dana Robinson has spent most of his life in the banking sector, but he always knew that his true passion lay elsewhere. His pull towards a piano, a pencil, and a blank score sheet was overwhelming even as he analyzed balance sheets. He is now ready to devote all his time to doing what he loves, creating music.

Robinson believes in the power of deeply meaningful lyrics backed by mesmerizing melodies. His constant desire to compose has led to the publication of several albums and music productions. Having several recorded songs, he has worked with many talented artists.

The talented composer also has several songs in the bag that are yet to be recorded. He is looking to team up with talented musicians who can understand his lyrics and deliver them with conviction. Add that in with his knack for creating compelling melodies, and Robinson is sure to capture listeners’ attention everywhere.

He has already gained acclaim from magazines Hello Again and All About Jazz. As the magazines agree, his style will especially appeal to listeners tired of hearing the same thing. While his genre may have been around for years, Robinson’s take on it is entirely new and fresh, piquing the attention of listeners and critics alike.

Check out Dana Robinson’s official website to contact him if you’re a vocalist interested in performing his songs. Find more information about him and his music on his website. To contact him for reviews and interviews, use the information given below.





Dana Robinson has spent the last 45 years of his life in the banking industry. Now, he is ready to take the plunge and focus all his energy on pursuing his life-long passion, music. A talented composer and lyricist, Robinson has worked with several artists in his time and has an impressive record of published albums and music productions. Currently, he is working on a musical titled ‘The Bottom Line’ with Jeff Reim (director) and David Zipse (arranger). He hopes to team up with skilled vocalists to deliver with conviction the unrecorded songs he has composed.




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