Techno and EDM Music to Transport You to a Different Dimension: Rising Artist Megalith Unveils New Single

Techno and EDM Music to Transport You to a Different Dimension: Rising Artist Megalith Unveils New Single

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With his dynamic and enriching musical compositions that are sure to send anyone to a whole different world, artist Megalith is ready to get anyone moving and lost in his production, as he releases stunning new release “Injected Again (Are you listening to me?)”.

San Francisco, California – May 18th, 2021 –  Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Megalith is on the right track to become a force to be reckoned with in the rich and riveting world of Dance and Electronic music. Inspiring listeners with music that is bound to get them moving and grooving, and instantaneously transport them to a whole different world, the growing artist is changing the game for Electronic music.

With the release of his much-awaited new single titled “Injected Again (Are you listening to me?)”, the eclectic artist highlights a wide range of vocal prowess and musical talents, through a new channel- Techno music. Megalith, through the enigmatic identity of a cyborg alien, has previously produced and released Big Room EDM festival tracks, and a string of enriching Dance singles. The multi-genre sensation last stunned listeners with the Trap single “Trapped In A Low Rider”, and is now set to soar with “Injected Again (Are you listening to me?)”.

Having released on May 11th, 2021, the single is a fun and exciting track which forms part of Megalith’s collection of musical compositions that are rooted in unity, peace, love, and harmony- his motivations. Led by the belief that music saves souls, Megalith hopes that the single will be able to strike a chord within fans of Techno and Dance, and he wishes to continue producing more Techno tracks in the future.

“There is nothing unique in music. It is universal. Its progression is not even unique. It is all in the delivery. Timing. and the reception to the earholes humans have,” says the rising artist about his/her new release.

Check out Megalith’s new single and learn more about him on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.





Inspired by the likes of icons such as K’Thothiz of Namor 8, and the Plutonium rock band Disaster Area from Gagrakacka Mind Zones, growing sensation Megalith is based in San Francisco, California.

On June 14, 1947, when a starship crash landed in the New Mexico desert, Megalith was born. 40 years later, the Robot Space Bunny, known only by its classification ID M-3GA-L1T4, first appeared in New York City. “Preaching” the word that “only the music can save us now” and spinning records at a handful of dance venues. Today, three decades later, the growing sensation remains active, re-emerging through human liaison DJ MTZ (who MEGALITH refers to as “MUNTZ”) and diligently spreading the ‘gospel of the groove’. With his new Techno track, the growing artist hopes to inspire and enthrall.




Name: Megalith
Email: [email protected]





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