Tha Faction Hip Hops newest group/couple

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Las Vegas, NV — Tha Faction is a hip-hop group of two seasoned artists that teamed up after a studio session together. After the session, ended up becoming a couple and really found their sound. Sweeny Blaque is from Philly and Shorty ONE Supreme is from PG County MD.

Tha Faction is one of those ascending groups that are generating fans all over the world. Having two different styles, seem to mesh very well together.

Listening to Tha Faction’s music, Everyone can see that they write from personal experiences. Heartfelt true to the heart music.

Tha Faction is hip hops hardest rapping indie couple out now. There isn’t too much competition out there at all—great concepts on great beats with great flow.

Tha Faction is one of those groups that bring positivity into the game even though they are going through negative experiences. Anyone can definitely hear it in their music.

Here’s an example of how talented Tha Faction is.

Listen to Remember All Them Days by Tha Faction on #SoundCloud




Tha Faction is a collective of two artists, Sweeny Blaque and Shorty ONE Supreme. Sweeny Blaque is an artist from Philadelphia PA and Shorty ONE Supreme is from Temple Hills MD. They met doing a collaboration and from there it was on. The two started making hits together and from what everyone see it isn't gonna stop. These artists love the independent grind, knowing that hard work will eventually pay off.


Tha Faction
Name: William Robinson
Address: 3330 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Apt. 2056, Las Vegas, NV
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7023666483




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