That moment when you show them what it took to get here….

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Chicago/Atlanta, IL/GAPowerful motivational single “On The Way” by Krys Barry is a whole vibe. That moment when others are made to understand the assignment. Come take the Journey through melodic rhymes with a gritty theme. 

Officially released 4/12/24, Krys Barry’s “On The Way” is a beautiful addition to the Rap genre. Available on All Platforms. A definite inspiration for anyone listening. 

Here to make the world believe.        ”Get to the bag. Stay on the grind. I’m on the way.” – Krys Barry 

Single from upcoming Lp “Diary Of An Angel With A Dirty Face”

Check out my new Single “On The Way” Available On all platforms. Even Pandora and Amazon Music. Guaranteed Vibe.💯🥂🎤

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Chicago Native with a Midwest swagger and Southern Seasoning. From Melodic flows to thought invoking metaphors, Krys Barry is an artist worth listening to. Influenced From everyone from Bone Thugs N Harmony to Eminem. Know for his ferocity on the microphone and intriguing hooks that captivate his listeners, he has made a name for himself amongst up and coming artists. Follow him on all social media @krysbarry


Krys Barry
Name: Krys Barry
Email: [email protected]




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