The Awesome Crew Releases New Single, “Bad Boys”

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Listen to The Awesome Crew’s Latest Hip-Hop Song

Frankfort, Kentucky – As the band name suggests, The Awesome Crew is an awesome music group that is taking things to the next level. Upon hearing their music, listeners will be reminded of barbershop quartets, but with a hip-hop twist.

“Bad Boys” is the latest single that offers a sneak-peek into The Awesome Crew’s upcoming EP, ‘The Secret’. The single indicates the vibe of this music group. One listen will make people nostalgic for the retro 90s hip-hop music scene. The hip-hop song also uses a healthy blend of alternative music and R&B sounds in the background.

The Awesome Crew will surely catch the attention of the music industry with their eclectic musical style. Their emphasis on braggadocios lyrics is one of the many reasons why the group will stand out in comparison to other hip-hop acts.

“Bad Boys” is a hip-hop single that offers unique sounds with the familiarity of what a classic song would sound like. With this single, this four-member group hopes to have created music that will be a favorite among club-goers and hip-hop lovers.

Check out The Awesome Crew and their music by visiting their website. Listeners can also follow the music group on their social media page for the latest updates. To contact the artist for interviews, reviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.





The Awesome Crew is a hip-hop group hailing from South Carolina. The group has four members whose musical talent lies in both singing and rapping. Much of The Awesome Crew’s music falls under the genres of alternative music, hip-hop and R&B. Although reminiscent of 1990s hip-hop, the group’s music can appeal to any genre and thereby any audience. New to the music industry, The Awesome Crew hopes to shake things up in the industry with their all-embracing music.



The Awesome Crew

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