The Bad Boy of Indie Soul Evoking Nostalgia with Rich Blends of R&B. Chart-Topping Artist Bey Bright Unveils Refreshing New Tracks

The Bad Boy of Indie Soul Evoking Nostalgia with Rich Blends of R&B. Chart-Topping Artist Bey Bright Unveils Refreshing New Tracks

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Grammy-nominated contemporary R&B Soul and Indie artist Bey Bright is driven to mesmerize listeners with a dynamic and uniquely curated new project, ‘Soul Nostalgia 3’, offering the best he has to offer.

New York, New York- September 22nd, 2021 – A celebrated artist in the realm of Indie Soul and R&B music, Bey Bright brings with himself a rich and immersive new mix, titled “Soul Nostalgia 3”. Marking the crossroads of contemporary R&B and nostalgic soul music, the talented artist’s latest project dropped on January 8th 2021 and showcases a unique and memorable mix of rhythms and songwriting which are both catchy and introspective.

A powerhouse in the world of Indie Soul music,  Bey Bright’s latest release has been independently written, produced, and performed by the artist. The captivating tracks encompass listeners with a wave of nostalgia, evoking a soft sentimental familiarity to old-school musical rhythms and styles.

A Grammy-nominated artist, Bey Bright boasts a global following with over 750,000 records streamed and sold worldwide. His career highlights include two #1 UK Soul Chart-topping Albums, namely ‘Soul Nostalgia’ and ‘Soul Nostalgia 3’.

“Listeners always get a feeling of nostalgia from my music and say it sounds greatly familiar which is my goal”. “I believe that my music is unique because it’s a great blend of contemporary R&B and soul nostalgia,” says Bey Bright regarding his latest release.

Moving forward, the seasoned artist remains inspired by a motivation to get his music placed in film and television. In addition to making records, Bey Bright also sells a collection of ‘Soul Nostalgia’ merchandise. Everything from hats, T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise are available exclusively on his website.

Visit Bey Bright’s website and stream his latest music and buy fresh new merchandise. Subscribe to the artist’s YouTube channel and follow him on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with each new release. Contact the artist through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



Bey Bright is a talented Indie Soul record producer, songwriter, musician, businessman and entrepreneur. A Grammy-nominated powerhouse, Bey Bright is the creative visionary and brain trust behind several critically acclaimed independent albums in the world of independent R&B Soul music. As CEO of Bright Vision Entertainment, Bey Bright’s primary focus in the entertainment industry is to motivate, inspire and entertain the masses through musical and literary compositions, while continually promoting messages of love.

Decorated with a series of noteworthy accolades, Bey Bright has garnered 11 consecutive Top 20 UK and USA indie soul hits, topped with a #1 on Amazon UK’s Best R&B Sellers and Hot New Releases, and also had a #1 independent soul album in the West Indies on the Grenada Soul Chart. The eclectic artist also landed a #1 on the USA Urban Influencer R&B Soul Chart and was the 2021 Indie Soul nominee for the “People’s Choice Award” for Best Male Artist.

Name: Bey Bright
Email: [email protected]


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