The Bootleggers Music Group Weaves Connections Across Continents with the Universal Love of God and Music

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With their intimately crafted Christian single, “Jesus Is to Be Praised”, The Bootleggers Music Group is sending waves in the music world

Cincinnati, Ohio — August 31st, 2022 – Having released in 7 different languages and illuminating hearts worldwide, “Jesus Is To Be Praised” is a one-of-its-kind Christian track. Crafted in a unique way, “Jesus Is To Be Praised” is the stunning result of a global collaboration of musicians, writers, and composers from across all 7 continents.

A soulful track, “Jesus Is to Be Praised” took over four and a half months to complete and has been released in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Serbian, Turkish and Hebrew. Uplifting, calming, and striking, the new single marks the group’s latest effort to bring people together through the power of music, love, and most importantly, God.

The track showcases beautiful strings, which were recorded in Serbia under the direction of fellow Bootlegger, Miladin Stojkovic, drawing listeners into a meditative state of awe. Similarly, the drums on the track have been performed by Ituna Joe from Nigeria, set against the energy of the Timpani, which was recorded in Venezuela.

In a time where the world is continually torn apart by strife, division, and hatred, the members of The Bootleggers Music Group hope to continue lighting the flames of hope. The group’s awe-inspiring journey began with Paul Jones’ project focused on delivering a thrilling blend of genre-hopping tunes, strengthening the bond between man and God.

Stream “Jesus Is to Be Praised” and follow The Bootleggers Music Group on Spotify, or your favorite streaming service! Visit the group’s website and download their free App for iPhone and Android to explore all their new releases and dedicated radio station! Their fantastic roster includes all genres of music as well as programs that cover many crucial topics, from relationships to suicide prevention.

The Bootleggers Music Group welcomes all interview requests to discuss not only their music but also conversations regarding mental health and suicide prevention. The group is also looking forward to tours in late 2022 and early 2023! Want the Bootleggers to Play at your event? Contact them on their official site or call them at 513.407.4807!




The Bootleggers Music Group is a collection of individuals from across 7 continents who continue to magnetize listeners with their music. The seeds of the group were planted in 2020, when artist Paul Jones found himself and his business deemed “non-essential.” However, rather than wallow in darkness forever, he was inspired by a visit from his lifelong friend Wayne Maxwell, who suggested he turn to music and God for healing. It was a meaningful turning point in Paul’s life, as he and Wayne went on to write nearly 100 songs in the ensuing weeks. Realizing their potential, the duo decided to get the right people together to produce the very best music possible.

Producing something for everyone, no matter what their faith or belief, The Bootleggers Music Group’s lineup soon expanded to include not just fellow musicians, but producers, writers, and composers from all over the world. Currently, the group can be found performing at clubs, parties, and even parking lots across the region. With an unwavering love for both God and Music, they continue to inspire listeners with every song they perform.


Bootleggers Music Group LLC
Name: Paul E Jones
Address: 3847 Race Road, Cincinnati, Ohio
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 513-407-4807




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