The Compelling Story of VP Casso, His Brotherhood, the “COUNCIL”, and His Latest Single, “YOU”

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Get Ready because VP Casso and His COUNCIL are Bringing the Heat with His Fire New Single!

Yuma, Arizona  –  April 28, 2021 – VP Casso’s musical journey started at the youthful age of 12 years old, finding both solace and inspiration in beats to get through a tough upbringing. Overcoming all hurdles, he has evolved into a gifted artist as well as a classy businessman. VP Casso is now looking to be the next big thing with a single that will have listeners experiencing a wide range of emotions.

Casso’s team, better described as his brotherhood, comprises the Judge, Commissioner, Sargent of Arms, The President, and himself as the Vice President and CEO of the company Council Money Entertainment, LLC. Each member of this team, called the “COUNCIL”, has played a significant role in the writing and production of Casso’s latest single, “YOU”.

“YOU” shines a light on Casso’s versatility as an artist, managing to be both aggressive and charming at the same time. As listeners take in Casso’s unique vocals, they do not merely hear his words but also envision them. VP Casso’s ability to create vivid pictures for listeners out of seemingly blank canvases is also the inspiration for his stage name.  (Picasso)

The artist beautifully crafted his song “YOU”. With a feature by LaKeith Rashad, the tune has a hip-hop beat with a romantic vibe. The song is a dedication of love and loyalty from a man to a woman who has stuck by him through everything. Casso’s track is the kind that listeners cannot hear without thinking of a special someone.

Check out VP Casso and his music by visiting his official website. Listeners can also follow the artist on major music and social media platforms to keep up with all the information about upcoming releases. Use the contact details below to get in touch with him for reviews, interviews, and collaborations.




VP Casso is a talented musician who developed an interest in music from quite a young age. He has amassed several degrees and certifications in his lifetime, including an Associates’ Degree in OSHA, a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management, and a Master’s Degree in Communications. Now, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Policy with a Con. in Social Policy.  He has also established himself as a successful businessman, becoming the CEO of Council Money Entertainment and Bolton Power Group, LLC. VP Casso’s goal is to break into the music scene and inspire younger generations with his songs and past experiences. He is also a man of God and wishes to spread His message.



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