The Co$t of Life Ushers a Nostalgia-Infused Journey – Jason Irving Presents Synth-Laced & Emotive Retro Pop and Rock

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Launched around May 2022, Jason\’s musical venture is an immersive experience into the sounds of the 80s and 90s, blended with a moving, contemporary touch

Centennial, Colorado —February 2nd, 2023 – Embracing the electronic realms with a profound nod to the past, Jason Irving introduces “The Co$t of Life,” a solo project that takes listeners on a synth-laced journey through nostalgia.

Drawing inspiration from 80’s pop and rock music, along with genres like Synthwave and Electropop, Jason infuses his music with vocals, guitars, bass, and synths, creating a distinct sound by combining elements reminiscent of the music from bygone eras, with modern grooves and hooks. While incorporating popular elements, he stays true to the essence of decades prior, infusing vocal harmonies to craft a sonic landscape that resonates with a sense of familiarity.

Having been deeply rooted in the pop-punk scene of the late 90s and 2000s, Jason’s musical evolution reflects his diverse influences, ranging from 90s techno to 80s pop and movie soundtracks. The result is a captivating blend of retro, emotional, and engaged compositions that echo the spirit of the times.

“The Co$t of Life” is not just about music; it’s a platform for Jason to express his thoughts on societal challenges, life, death, religion, spirituality, love, family, friendships, marriage, and an array of other passions. Motivated by a desire to deliver cerebral and thought-provoking music, Jason seeks to create an emotional connection with his audience.

Looking forward, Jason Irving envisions both short and long-term goals for “The Co$t of Life.” In the immediate future, he is dedicated to releasing quality music and working towards recording a studio album. Simultaneously, he aspires to secure sync placements for his distinctive sounds. Long-term ambitions include a return to live performances, seeking to connect with fans on a deeper level.

Infused with subtle elements of faith, “The Co$t of Life” navigates existential ideas with a universal appeal. Drawing from influences like Mutemath and Linkin Park, Jason Irving’s musical palette combines experimental synthesis with the clean and distorted guitars, creating a sound that stands out in the contemporary music landscape.

To embark on this nostalgic journey, connect with Jason Irving through his website, follow him on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and dive into his music on popular streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora. The artist’s music is also available for purchase and download on Bandcamp, offering a chance to support and experience the unique sounds of “The Co$t of Life”!

For media inquiries, interviews, and reviews, Jason Irving invites enthusiasts and journalists alike to reach out for a conversation about the immersive world of “The Co$t of Life.”



The Co$t of Life, spearheaded by Jason Irving, emerges as a compelling electronic-pop and rock solo project that transcends genres. Jason’s musical journey traces back to Morrison, Colorado, where a love for sports initially dominated his life. However, the discovery of music, influenced by 80s pop, 90’s punk and grunge, electronica, and cinematic compositions, became an adventurous sanctuary. His high school and college years were defined by his involvement in pop-punk and rock bands, sharing the stage with many national and international acts.

Jason’s life changed directions, and while stationed in Germany during his U.S. Army service, Jason’s passion for travel ignited, leading him to Tokyo after his military release, where he explored a teaching career. Returning to the U.S., he embraced a career in finance and started a family with his wife, Allison, yet his musical ambitions remained latent.

In 2022, Jason’s creativity surged anew, birthing The Co$t of Life—an exploration into nostalgic sounds, blending past influences with modern electronic elements. This project marks a harmonious fusion of Jason’s diverse experiences, encapsulating a sonic odyssey fueled by a lifetime of musical inspiration.


The Co$t of Life
Name: Jason Irving
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