The Danbury Lie: Whispers to Oblivion


The Danbury Lie ReviewBack in 2015 a young man went across country and made a documentary about it. Now The Danbury Lie as released “Whispers to Oblivion,” the soundtrack to that life experience put to song. “Whispers Intro” kicks it off and it’s short and sweet, a little melancholy though. In “Pumpernickel” we get more to hold onto though. It sounds like the type of song you’d hear from a band geek if they went on to join an alternative band. It’s full of quirk. With “Derek Bailey Was Right” the musical mood is a little lighter than the last, but lyrically it’s a reality check. As the songs roll on “One Small Step” is a throwback to 60’s pop, while the title track has some funk to it. In the end, what we have here is much like a road trip. It’s an exploration of sounds, just like a road trip is not only an exploration of places – but of self. A lot of people find themselves out on the road – why should music be any different? Only listening to this record won’t cost as much as the gas to go coast to coast. If you’re ready for a musical adventure, check out The Danbury Lie’s “Whispers to Oblivion,” out now. (