The DayBreakers Rock Light


The DayBreakers ReviewThe DayBreakers is a rock band that does it lighter from Massachusetts. “Take It Easy” has this easy rock vibe to it that sometimes reminded me of the Barenaked Ladies. That sentiment carried on with “One Shot,” although this one had a little more bark in its bite due to the rapid verses. “Oh, Woman” sounded like a love song at first, but then it got a little shocking with the football part. You’re going to have to wait the whole song to get that, whoa moment. Then with “I Don’t Know Why” you have this very ’90s feel, almost “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Spin Doctors feel. Which, if you’re a fan of that era – you’re going to smile wide the whole time this one’s playing. Wrapping this up where we started with that Ladies comparison and “Rags To Riches.” It’s this happy-go-lucky feeling track that offers up a sing-along. If you’re into rock that’s more laid back and about good times, check out The DayBreakers now. (