The Defective Monk Ignites the Flame of Aggressive Metal and Indie Techno with His Brand-New Single

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Defective Monk’s blazing Electronic Metal Rock single is fused with energy and fiery emotions

Schiller Park, Illinois – December 18th, 2020 – A fiery and enigmatic powerhouse of aggressive metal and electronic music, Defective Monk is a force to be reckoned with, set to target and take over the musical industry. With his power-packed rich electronic combinations and fusions of Indie Metal and Rock, Defective Monk is set to establish himself as a maestro in the musical scene, with his widespread musical abilities and talents. Defective Monk’s powerful new single, titled “Ruled x 6”, is set to be one of many songs that will make up his new combinations as part of his new album “Sin Minister”. Set to use the seductive charm of metal and techno vibes, Defective Monk is an up-and-coming Electronic powerhouse who is driven to impress with his ability to shine with great versatility. His third release will be heralded by his upcoming single “Ruled x 6” which combines abundant drum percussion and aggression channeled into the spirit of blazing, powerful music.

A talented force in the field of Techno and Metal music, Defective Monk’s prowess is the result of his solo efforts as an artist who blends numerous genres and musical combinations to curate the finest musical pieces. His third album, “Sin Minister” is going to follow his iconic, characteristic musical style that forms a rich blend of metal, rock, industrial and electronic styles which are interspersed with dub and hints of Techno music. This unique mix of various artistic styles and musical combinations have motivated the budding artist to name his iconic genre, “Anger-Techno”. Viewing music as a force that can channel all fury, and artistically producing musical pieces that represent all angst and anger, Defective Monk’s music is bound to resonate with many. The up-and-coming artistic force is planning on setting his sights high as he single-handedly performs, writes and produces musical content. With his efforts, he intends to blur the lines between the analog and digital realms of music and capture a broad and fiery fan base. Plunging into his rich artistic combinations, one can expect surprises and expectations fulfilled as he blends and plays along with numerous genres, with ease.





Defective Monk is a solo artist, who has been curating and producing music alone for the past few years, after having a full band prior to splitting due to differences in music direction and music philosophies with his former band mates. Defective Monk is driven by a unique philosophy of blending the worlds of music together, with the goal of making his music a perfect 50/50 split between those two diverse music realms. He accomplished the goal by doing either a 60/40 or 40/60 split, depending on his mood, song idea and album concept.

After recording and releasing a single “Vendetta” on the “Culture Shock 3 – Compilation”, album and then a full album release titled “Attack of the Killer Monks”, prior to going completely solo, Defective Monk continues to explore his talents and rich musical prowess. This further helps the artist explore his different ideas, talents and have full creative independence as he continues to produce rich combinations.



Name: Vince

Phone Number: (847) 834-1756

Email Address: [email protected]







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