The Devil’s Breath – Dj Choky’s Tech-House Bomb Explodes

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Budapest, , Hungary — Dj Choky’s latest appearance was made in his usual way, in a completely different, new style from the last appearance (Falu Végén Kurta Kocsma). Thus, he expanded his musical palette again.

“The Devil’s Breath” will now captivate tech-house lovers.

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“I know that it’s much more difficult to gather a large fanbase around me if I don’t always make my music in the same style, but in new and newer styles. But the world around me is not one, but diverse.” said Dj Choky.

Those who like variety and are receptive to new things should really look for Dj Choky. Each new look is sophisticated, professional work and will surprise you with its style.

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Dj Choky is a Hungarian performer who makes a multi-genre musical journey possible, presenting his versatility in house, dance and hip-hop. Born on November 5, 1976, in Budapest, Dj Choky’s musical odyssey started in 1998 as a DJ, rocking at prominent venues such as La Noche, Sakáltanya (Coyote Ugly) and Rolling Rock Kecskemét.

In 2002, he was recognized by the National Entertainment Music Center of the Hungarian Musicians and Dancers Union as a DJ (record presentation), strengthening his technical mixing skills. Leaving the DJ booth, Dj Choky ventured into music production in 2018 and became the sole composer of all his tracks.

Officially launched in 2023, his discography stretches back to 2019’s debut ‘Anywhere in the World’, followed by hits such as ‘Enemies’, ‘Hypnotic’ and ‘Road to No Way’ “. Collaborating with other artists on tracks like “Euphoria” and “Kurta pub at the end of the village” shows Dj Choky’s collaborative spirit.


Dj Choky
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