The Fylls – Interrupted


The Fylls – Interrupted


There’s the perfect soundtrack for everything in life. Just like in the movies, sometimes a scene in particular that not only sounds but looks better with a particular type of music. Sometimes the rhythm of a song literally takes you into either an ordinary or a fantastic and marvelous place that only happens when you are dreaming, so it’s almost like if you were sleeping awake. That’s what this new album by The Fylls would make you feel.

Interrupted kicks off with “Frames” and there are some 60s Beatles melodies blended with some Beck in it, probably just like me you would be immediately be taken into one of those indie dramatic films probably written and directed by a (not meant to sound offensive) hipster and perhaps in the sequence some friends are having a blast, taking the streets by storm and playing like five years olds. “McClarren Pool” follows the same path as its predecessor by keeping up with the harmonies but switching the slow for a fast pace, which turns a little more “aggressive” in the following track “Plastic Wrinkles”. Things get a bit modern towards the end with their song “Museum Pieces” where the band seeks for a sound reminiscent of iconic acts like Talking Heads, Duran Duran and Oasis – it’s perhaps the best track off the whole album, it sweats an energy that’s both infectious and catchy guitar riffs, wild synth lines and overall excitement wrapping up the album in a much needed high note.

That being said, my only criticism or rather say, suggestion, would probably be to come up with more tracks like “Museum Pieces”, at first the poppy 60s melodies were alright and cool but for me that changed completely when I heard that last song, like, if they find the way on their final album to pull down more tracks like that one I really see a very successful band. And I am not talking about making a whole album with only that tone but play more with it and blend with other sounds while maintaining the level of joy and happiness. Besides that, the album knows how to take some risks even though they don’t cause too much of an impact.

To conclude, this is an album I am sure those who enjoy indie-pop would love, the whole record is catchy on its own way and like I mentioned at the very beginning, luckily someday a big filmmaker would find stumble upon their music and use it on their soundtrack and the band gain some recognition. New York has always being known for their particular sound, call it jazz, blues or punk and The Fylls makes justice and follows this eternal legacy by creating something they can almost call their own. In addition to that, the socially conscious message the band hopes to deliver it’s something to admire in a scene that just like the world, tends to be very shallow and mundaine.

Rating: 8/10


by RJ Frometa