The Goldilocks Enigma Drop New Christian Rock Record

The Goldilocks Enigma Drop New Christian Rock Record

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‘March to Crumbling’ Out Now 


Arnaudville, Louisiana – April 14, 2020 – In a world where it’s so easy to fit in, stand out. That has been the idea behind The Goldilocks Enigma since the Christian Rock husband and wife duo got their start. Now they’re ready to keep that going with their debut LP, ‘March to Crumbling,’ out now. 

‘March to Crumbling’ features a dozen tantalizing tracks that put Christ right at the center of the action. Based deep in the heart of the Louisiana swamps, The Goldilocks Enigma blend their southern heritage with stellar rock elements to deliver worship music that has a modern sound on tracks like “Donning Our Blinkers,” “Sometimes up Is up Is Down,” and “The Page Afore.” Powered by their inner strength, The Goldilocks Enigma blend acoustic and electric elements into their instrument driven melodies that are reinforced by pneumatic tubular percussion under cylindrical metal shimmerizers. In the end, it’s all capsulated and brought to the finish line by bountiful vocals. 

“…their lyrics show a depth in doctrinal understanding of contemporary teachings of the Christian faith. Lead vocals are great with words enunciated so you can understand them. Each of their songs has a good Christian message with great melodies and an easy-on-the-ear blend of instruments.” – Jacob Aiden, JamSphere

This independent husband and wife team have a long history in the music industry, and at the end of the day just want to help others as much as they can with their music. 

Those interested in adding new Christian Rock to their playlists, reviewing ‘March to Crumbling’ on their site, or interviewing The Goldilocks Enigma on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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The Goldilocks Enigma deliver Christian Rock from the swamps of Louisiana on their 2020 release, ‘March to Crumbling.’

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