The Growth of George Jacobs


George Jacobs ReviewGeorge Jacobs is a refined pop group ready to make you their next fan. “Just Say So” is off their 2012 release “2nd Chance” and really has the ability to make you dance and groove. It’s great club pop music. Moving on to their record “Under The Influence” we hear a selection that’s more mature all-around. There is the laid back opener “Chasing The Dawn,” which was unexpected by the newcomer listening to them for the first time. While it still will make you bob your head, it’s not as spirited as the last track we just noted. “Cross Over” has no words and really stems from the mentality of someone living in a Metropolitan area, exploring their surroundings. As we dive deeper into this record we continue to hear this very intricate, well-made tracks that are on the opposite end of the spectrum than that single from ’12. Those are the most recent releases by George Jacobs, but there is so much more to discover. You can hear their progression and growth, and also what risk takers they are musically. They aren’t afraid to try new things. If you too like to walk on the wild side musically, check out George Jacobs now. (