The Mailman’s Children Review – “Ride in Your Mind” Video Premier

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The Mailman’s Children Review – “Ride in Your Mind” Premier Video

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Four guys with big smiles, instruments and headphones appear in turn as a catchy pop rock tune builds. These are the opening seconds of the video for “Ride in Your Mind,” the new video and single from Canadian-American rock band The Mailman’s Children. It becomes immediately clear as the video begins that these four musicians love what they do, and they’re happy to share that love with their audience. We see the band doing what they love, in comfortable surroundings. The video appears to be shot with the “natural” light of the environment that they’re playing in, which gives the video a home-movie quality. The video rises above simple performance fare with the high quality camera work of a cinematographer who truly knows his craft. The video looks spontaneous, spur of the moment, and captures a slice of life feel that fits beautifully with the catchy rocking music.

As the video progresses, live footage of a performance is peppered in, showing the members of The Mailman’s Children having as much fun plying their trade onstage as they do jamming in a private session. The editor makes the interesting and compelling choice of blending the more formal performance footage (which still boasts the boys having a brilliantly good time) with the more laid back and personal jam session shots, straddling the spectrum of perspectives on this band’s attitude towards the music, which is pure joy.

Part of the reason the video is so striking is because you can see the joy in these musicians and it matches beautifully with the joy you can hear in the song. Every note resonates with the good feelings written on the faces of the men making the music. The song is catchy, poppy, with just a hint of edge to it, and is guaranteed to play on repeat once you’ve given it a taste. If “Ride in Your Mind” is your first introduction to The Mailman’s Children, as it was mine, you’ll no doubt find yourself rushing to get your hands on their EP, “The Spiders We Eat,” to hear more of what this band has to offer.

Check out the video, the EP, and if you get the chance, see the band live. If this video is any indication of the energy and flow of a live show from The Mailman’s Children, it would doubtlessly be an incredibly good time! I give this song and video nine out of ten stars and my highest recommendation!


By Dylan Taylor

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