The Metronomad Brings Back a Much-Needed Soulful Vibe to Folk Music

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Creating musical masterpieces from his creative spirit and original flair, The Metronomad is all set to become a sensational hit with his new album that makes use of stunning instrumentals and folk lyricism

Edmonton, Alberta – February 19th, 2021 – An up-and-coming sensation, The Metronomad is a stunning singer and songwriter who is on the right path towards success and acclaim, with his beautiful and unique musical compositions. Focusing on the authentic and soulful vibe that is exuded by Folk musical compositions, The Metronomad intends to make sure that he grows along with his music, and that his music and pieces are appreciated and explored by his fans all around the world. With his new album, The Metronomad hopes to grow and put his beautifully crafted musical pieces out there for the world.

Working with the wonderful and talented Canadian musician and artist Adrian Irvine, The Metronomad has successfully put together a work of art. Working with Adrian Irvine, who played the role of mixing and mastering the album, as well as composing and recording bass lines, The Metronomad has created a stunning and rich musical composition. Listeners of his music are bound to feel a range of emotions throughout the album, from joy to sorrow, peace and contentment. His music acts as force that connects with a soulful vibe and makes sure that every composition is unique in its varying styles, crafting an inimitable musical experience that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all of his listeners. Harmonious and memorable, his new album stands out as a true and authentic folk piece which is brimming with both relatable lyrics and music. The Metronomad remains inspired and driven by the goal to ensure that his music is heard by more people who can relate to the lyrics and burning messages and connect with a shared experience that is felt by everyone. His new music is up on all official music platforms, including The Metronomad’s Spotify channel.





The Metronomad is an up-and-coming Canadian singer and songwriter who is all set to become the next big thing to come out of the Soul and Folk musical genre. Crafting rich and relatable personal musical pieces, The Metronomad is a stunning and talented pmulti-instrumentalist. Influenced by diverse and creative forces such as the legendary and iconic Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Jeff Buckley, The Metronomad grows and adapts his musical pieces with each new release. He is driven by the power of music, which is The Metronomad’s central passion. He intends to continue making music that can be appreciated by listeners of the folk genre and wishes to become a messenger of music’s powerful force, connecting and linking people with each other. The Metronomad hopes to use the relatable and shared force of music to highlight important messages and themes which can be felt by everyone collectively.



Name: The Metronomad
Phone: 1-438-884-1682
Email: [email protected]






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