The Put Outs Are Here To Put Your Ears Out!

The Put Outs Are Here To Put Your Ears Out!

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Portland, Oregon — Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 — The Put Outs is an alternative rock band duo consisting of Mark Freifeld (vocals, guitar) and Robin Anderson (vocals, drums, percussion, toy accordion).

The band formed in early 2017.  After playing various sets at North Portland venues like The Kenton Club, The Fixin’ To, and The Railside, the band had enough material gathered to record a debut record. Heart Surgery, the debut album, was released to the world on January 16, 2019.  Distributed by Distrokid and available across all major music streaming platforms.

The Put Outs joined Mitchell Dries (owner and producer at Now! Recordings in Linnton Oregon) during October 2018.  Throughout October up until the end of December, the debut, Heart Surgery, was recorded and mixed. A funny side note is that Now! studio is perched atop of an adorable nautical themed dive bar called The Lighthouse.  Many a laugh occurred there in-between song takes. For final mastering, The Put Outs requested the services of John Neff (chief sound engineer for David Lynch, and Julee Cruise, owner of The Lab recording studio).   The result is in your ears and hopefully,  in your heart.

Find the album on Spotify.  Click the following link when you land on The Put Outs page.  The album is also available on Bandcamp, Pandora, SoundCloud, iTunes, Iheartmusic, Deezer, and others. Fans of The Put Outs have described their songs as emo, very sad, and ‘epic emotional journeys.’ One die-hard fan, Rachel, could not get over the level of musical growth that Mark and Robin managed to accomplish in just a year of playing shows together. These songs were practiced and played with the direct intent to rip hearts out of chests.  Before even beginning recording, Mark and Robin played these songs in front of many people.  The songs were honed and perfected over time.  The final result is demonstrated on Heart Surgery, for the best purposes of posterity.

The Put Outs is a band that seems to be perfect for the American music scene back during the early 90s.  It’s fitting that the band came together in Portland…..where the dream of the 90s is still alive! Please listen to the album Heart Surgery.  A lot of hard work and effort went into the making of it. The band could not be more proud of it. Visit The Put Outs official website, where the album can be streamed and/or purchased!





Mark Freifeld and Robin Anderson are the founding members of The Put Outs.  Influenced by rock n’ roll and great singer-songwriters, Mark tends to wear his influences on his sleeve.  From a young teenage, his main influences consisted of Liz Phair and Courtney Love.  That inspiration echoes in the songs played by The Put Outs.



The Put Outs
Mark Freifeld
1911 N Kilpatrick St

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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