The Real Mrs. Parker – A One Woman Storm Ready To Bring Back 90s R&B

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Singer of “Love Evolved” is back with her sexy boss lady act, and the audiences are in love with it

Oakland, CA — If you’re someone who’s into 90s R&B, then here is some great news – emerging artist, The Real Mrs. Parker has some great 90s R&B sounds that will remind you of a time bygone. A blend of 90s Nostalgia and some contemporary creativity has resulted in some solid releases. The real Mrs. Parker released her last single in March 2020, right before the covid-19 pandemic hit and brought the world to a standstill. Before that, she released an album in 2018, ‘Love Evolved.’

This singer also got her start as a musician from the church – like many great artists. Formerly known as Ke’Shay Love, The Real Mrs. Parker realized her passion for music at a very young age, and once she got into music, she has never looked back. The singer has considerable experience not only as a vocalist but as an entertainer in general. She has performed at Juneteenth Festivals in the Bay area several times, among other performances. This artist owns the stage – in fact, attendees of The Real Mrs. Parker’s several indie and R&B concerts can attest to her skills as a performer. Having played in states like California, Atlanta, New York, and Texas, the artist truly feels at home when telling her story in front of the masses.

This artist’s musical content talks about real stuff such as love. She does not shy when it comes to music; instead, the artist gets right onto it, making her music for adults who have experienced love. Sexy, sultry, and seductive, The Real Mrs. Parker is a true throwback to the 90s R&B music scene. An indication of the artist’s life experiences, the musical content of this artist’s creations is all about the grown youthful boss lady who knows how to take charge. Listeners won’t find male-bashing content in the artist’s music because it is all about strong women.

Not one to beat around the bush, The Real Mrs. Parker is positive and honest in her life, an ethos one can also find in her music. This work ethic has taken the artist to great places in her music career. The real Mrs. Parker has also acted on the big screen and been part of television productions in several States. Plans for the artists include getting out on the road and perform front of the masses, just like the good old times.

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Entertainer and storyteller at heart, The Real Mrs. Parker is a force to be reckoned with. Having extensive experience in performing in front of people, this artist is truly herself when story-telling on the stage.


Name: Ke’Shay Love

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 650-600-1605










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