The Rideouts “Heart & Soul”


The Rideouts releasing their third record – “Heart & Soul”


The Italian rock band the Rideouts has created yet another masterpiece and it’s called “Heart & Soul”, which is exactly what they have put into making the record. The band’s style is labeled as various genres, amongst which pop, psychedelic and experimental, although in their last album we hear mostly blues and rock. If you’re a music lover and have a taste for the classic bands, you’ll easily spot the influences from rock giants like Beatles and Cream. The Rideouts’ other inspirations include the great Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. This indie band’s music has received amazing critical acclaim – Richard Oliff, BBC broadcast journalist, editor, producer and presenter, known for his work with artists like Paul Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, has compared The Rideouts to The Beatles and Eric Clapton!

But who are the people behind this amazing album? The Rideouts were created by Max Scherbi (vocals, guitars, keys and piano) in April, 2003. The musicians who have joined are: Federico Gullo (drums), Michela Grilli (backing vocals), Andrea Radini (guitars and programming) and Gianpiero de Candia (bass, vocals). In the new album “Heart & Soul” we can also enjoy the talent of Davide Albanese (violin), Lucija Brnadić (viola), Paola Bezi (violin) and Jasen Chelfi (cello) – a string quartet, that enriches the beautiful ballads “I’m so sorry” and “Put the Blame On Me”. The band released their first two albums “The Storm After the Calm” and “All Day & All Night” in 2009 and 2012.

“Heart & Soul” consists of 11 songs that take you on an emotional ride through the golden years of rock. It was produced by Blake La Grange (who has worked with artists like Kanye West, Chicago and Ted Nugent and even won a Grammy) and mastered at Mercury Mastering in California. An interesting fact about this album is that the cover mimics the work of the popular graffiti artist Banksy.

The album opens with “Not Enough” – an energetic piece about controlling your own life and not getting manipulated by the mainstream media. This is the first single from “Heart & Soul” and has a video, directed by Carlo Paccorini. Next on the album is the funky “Plastic Soul” – undeniably one of the highlights. My personal favorite, it’s about that special someone that makes you feel emotions you didn’t even think you were capable of. “I’m so sorry” is a beautiful ballad, although a bit dramatic. You’ll surely find that you’re humming the chorus after listening to it. “Give It to Me”, a flirty piece that has the Santana spirit, is definitely one of the gems on “Heart & Soul”. We can hear the Beatles influence in “I’ll be free” – an amazing, fun piece. “Put the Blame On Me” is one of the best rock ballads I’ve heard in a while. We continue with “Who I Am”, a hard-rock song that pays homage to Led Zeppelin. “Wait” is fun piece by itself, but pales in comparison with the rest of the album. Next is “Take It Easy”, a good song, but again not on par with the others. “Be a Man” is a great minimalistic hard rock piece with amazing keyboard and guitar solos. The album closes with “Don’t Cry” – a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad about rekindling an old love.


Christina Vukova