The Riley-Wyman Project: A Musical Journey: The Best of Riley-Wyman Project


The Riley-Wyman Project ReviewThe Riley-Wyman Project have been a band for some time now and in all those years have accumulated a discography that would make fans of Cat Stevens and the Eagles smile wide. Now they’ve compiled their best on  “A Musical Journey: The Best of Riley-Wyman Project.” “Blowing in the Wind” kicks off the record and it will remind you of an old friend. It’s been awhile, but you pick right back up where you left off; like a familiar embrace. We head down a different path with “Lady of Gold.” This one has a little more pep in it’s step, like it’s building up to something. Then boom, it’s time to strap on the dancing shoes and have a great time with this one. It sounds as if there is some Spanish flair in there as well. Then the tone is taken down with “Forever Young” with it’s Johnny Cash vibe. That slowed down pace continues but the vocals lighten up with “Father and Son” for a sentimental musical adventure, or rather journey. Rightfully titled, The Riley-Wyman Project is giving it their all and giving fans their best on this compilation that showcases all sides of the band equally, from the upbeat to the downtrodden, emotional. It’s all there on “A Musical Journey: The Best of Riley-Wyman Project,” out now. (