The Screaming Pope has Three New October Releases

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An Exploration of Creativity and Innovation in Techno Music

Boston, MA
— The Screaming Pope, driven by the innovative force George Bolton, a techno music veteran with a career spanning over four decades, is all set to make waves this October with the release of two exciting albums, “Monster” and “The Shining Path,” along with a thrilling Halloween streaming-only single.

“Monster” has been hailed as The Screaming Pope’s finest album to date, captivating fans and newcomers alike with its bold and electrifying sounds. Meanwhile, “The Shining Path” continues to exemplify the esoteric and multi-dimensional nature of The Screaming Pope’s artistry. The project is renowned for its genre-bending, experimental, yet commercially viable sounds, pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the auditory adventures of The Screaming Pope by exploring the artist’s extensive catalog on various streaming platforms. For dedicated fans, physical copies of CDs and albums are available through the Screaming Pope Bandcamp site.

George Bolton’s artistic talents extend beyond music into various creative forms, making him a versatile and multidisciplinary artist. His journey began in 1979, when he first delved into the electronic music landscape, mesmerized by the ethereal sounds of the Arp Axxe Synthesizer. From there, he embarked on a musical pilgrimage, navigating through diverse music scenes, from the vibrant hub of Rhode Island to the pulsating heart of Chicago’s house and techno movement.

However, it was in Boston where Bolton’s artistry truly flourished. He honed his musical craft while pursuing studies in art, and his influence transcends music into the visual realm. Bolton has explored a wide range of creative expressions, reflecting his profound dedication to the arts.

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The Screaming Pope is the latest project from Techno Music Veteran George Bolton, former frontman for Dresden Danse.



The Screaming Pope
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