The Sighs – Wait On Another Day


The Sighs – Wait On Another Day


The Sighs is a Massachusetts Alternative Rock/Power Pop group originally started by lead vocalist Robert LaRoche and Bassist Tommy Pluta. The Sighs has released two previous full lengths back last and early new decade and after a hiatus, are with their third record. To say the least the music on this CD is as infectious as the artists themselves. I like how the way how the album immediately hype us up right with first track “It’s Real”, it delivers a soothing Guitar/Vocal combination. You immediately get hooked by the vocal ability as LaRoche glides with precision through the song. Right away I can hear singers like Gin Blossoms and Billy Corgan. Track 2 and 3 “Words of Love” and “Wait On Another Day” spin things up towards a somewhat new direction. The musical flow of both tracks is melodic, poppy and at times they feel like a throwback to the early days of Rock N’ Roll. The band manage to somehow stay within the fairway of marketability but definitely pushes boundaries towards the classic realm. These are compliments by the way. The musicianship follows down the same path offering up much of what makes this album so interesting. The harmonic notes that are plucked from the heavens as the passionate, spiritual narratives unfolds. All songs are above the bar and many vocal performances are mesmerizing. “Thoughts of Another” brings back some familiar under and overtones that are sure to induce an emotional response from any willing audience, bringing back memories from their childhood or teenage days. From beginning to end “Wait On Another Day” fills the air gracefully and unobtrusively. As for the vocals they deliver emotionally invigorating performances that will remind you of the singers I named previously. Top track are. “Thoughts On Another”, “Into The New Light”, “Half A World Away”.

Criticism: CD tends to sound repetitive overall. If the band had a producer and a 100k budget, this might sound miles away much better (don’t get me wrong, it’s a great album but it still has more potential). I do like how LaRoche and co. kept all track short but sweet on all tracks. Perhaps taking some musically risks next time.

In conclusion, this is one release that will bring back memories of a not so distant age where great harmonic style vocals ruled the world. If you are one of those that claim in these days there ain’t no music as awesome as those made in the past 40 years or so, then this record will make your day and bring back hope into your music life.


8/10 Stars

Missy Hogan