The Sleeping Giant Awakens

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Chicago, Illinois — If you want music with a message that informs and inspires, that expresses Tolorance, and Perseverance, that Motivates rather than corrupts, and that speaks the, “Truth so vividly that you can actually see the, Storylines playing out before your eyes without ever actually seeing a, Music Video, then you need to allow, Koe G to take you on a, Musical Journey that you won’t soon forget.

This is a, Match made in heaven for music enthusiasts, and lovers of true, Hip – Hop, and R&B Soul all over the world. Which is like a breath of fresh air for a culture that is being, Suffocated by, Violence and Falsehoods throughout the industry. Finally, there is someone who, Gets it.

Koe G. Which is why his music is so relevant to everyday life, and also why his music stays on, Repeat.

Aye man. Thank you to all my fanz’ez out deah G. I see all of yall. And it’s, Beautiful.

Please continue to support my, Truth.

You can also visit my website,

And gone cop a joint o two, and listen to yallz Nukka in the comforts of your own homes without having to access a, Music Streaming Platform in which to do so, Aight? Cool.

2ml💛 Yall.

Koe G

Thank you. To everyone who reads, and shares this Press Release and to those, Die – Hard fan who not only, Listens to, but who also shares music with, Friend’s, Family, or those that for the first time, are finally venturing into, True Sound.

Whenever you’re in the mood to hear the very best that the culture has to offer, reach for: Evolution (The Sleeping Giant Awakens), or, The Homage Album Vol.1.

Believe me. You won’t be disappointed.

Please visit my website:

To purchase Music, Stay in tune with future, Events Tour Dates, Merchandise etc, etc..

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Brandon Taylor, a.k.a., Koe G. Writer/Artist/Producer/Owner of, The Nickelboy Group Llc. For true, and authentic, Hip – Hop, and R&B Soul, listen to, Koe G.

The Nickelboy Group Llc


Koe G
Name: the-nickelboy-group-llc
Address: 3141 S. Indiana Ave., Chicago, Illinois
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3129299595
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Sharing is caring! Support Indie Musicians!

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