The Spiders – Another Mile


The Spiders – Another Mile


The Spiders are led by Lead Guitarist and Vocalist, Nick DeStefano. Nick has performed all over North America, from the Stone Pony in New Jersey to the Troubadour in Los Angeles. He has appeared on MTV in two award winning videos from his previous bands, Faces In The Crowd and Y Fly 2 London. He also appeared on two NJ WDHA-FM Compilation CD’s, that featured groups such as the Smithereens, Glen Burtnick & Joe Lynn Turner. Nick’s Y Fly 2 London’s “Just Say No” EP is still considered a classic. The record featured the late great producer and ex-Scandal keyboardist Benjy King, Donnie Kisselback, James Lewis from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and the great Miami Horn section. This is a band fronted by a great singer, and they keep getting better and better as they release single after single. On “Another Mile” they leave behind the harder edges and go for a more mainstream groove, and it works just as much as anything they’ve previously released. I was originally turned onto Nick’s work on the compilation CD’s featuring the likes of Joe Lynn Turner and others. I’m of the opinion that deep down, Nick himself is of the same class as Turner and such front men.

But being of a different era and containing more punk roots, it’s just an observation worth noting in his favor. There is something burning inside this guy and it’s written all over the Spiders music, and equally backed by all. The track begins with a sweet riff that has the half-cutaway chug to it, a lot like The Smithereens or XTC would do. You can clearly hear that approach to their rock ‘n roll on this, but make no mistake, it’s modern enough to dismiss any static clichés. The only risk taken is how repetitive the chorus gets, but to its credit there is no avoiding that. You can categorize them all you want, but at the end of the day they’re a pure rock ‘n roll outfit, and a good one that should go far. If you only listen to it once, you’re missing out. If any song grows as it goes, this one does. It cruises along nicely and never loses you. They recently had a single about the US Election, and this perfectly contrasts the angst they delivered on that. It’s much more melodic to its advantage, as it goes a step further if you follow their progress. A power trio is always a great thing, and they sound as if they aren’t one, as so many can do. John Henderson on Bass and Nestor Arcelay on Drums do the business with Nick DeStefano and another job is well-done as “Another Mile” is driven on the road with a smile on their faces and no traces of letting up in the race to another place. You’ll be glad you heard this if you like traditional rock and pop, as well as the harder varieties. The influences are pretty easily felt in everyone from Lennon & McCartney to the Davies brothers of The Kinks.

But if you listen to more of The Spiders you’ll hear reflections of later sounds of decades past with a strong sense of the 90s too. “Another Mile” helps brings them into their own class and puts attention on their next move. They just got more contagious on this offering, as they’ve managed to do with every release. Starting with this single or not, this is a band worth consuming.


Elvin Graham