The Spiders – Election Day (Single)


 The Spiders – Election Day (Single) 


The Spiders are led by Lead Guitarist and Vocalist, Nick DeStefano who has teamed up with John Henderson on Bass and Nestor Arcelay on Drums, both longtime veterans of the NJ club circuit, this power trio has spent the last few years developing a very loyal following, and they hope with the release of their powerful new single “Election Day” they will get the mainstream exposure they truly deserve.

In which a video comes second to the actual piece of music, but helps sensationalize the track which is actually a killer statement. Put them together and this is a powerful track to some powerful imagery, sending its power to the people to do their part. What better way to focus such distractions on and blend the music with the fiasco that is this year’s election process. The vocals come out the winner on this track but it is backed by a rocking arrangement, complete with chunky guitar riffs, unlike they’re known for doing. It’s a husky song and then some for an overall not so hard rock oriented sound on previous releases. Call it a transition, or what could wind up a fluke for The Spiders. The track kicks off with a big guitar sound that never really lets up as it proceeds to get a tad overshadowed by the vocals chanting away and developing an over the top chorus. This type of thing has been done by many a band from classic rock to punk rock outfits over the years. This track and video come recommended for everything from serious solutions in selecting a candidate to providing some comedy relief for those who just aren’t buying the hype. It’s worth passing along and showing to your friends, especially if they’re rock music lovers. Even fans of The Spiders should be welcoming this to their catalog, and myself included. They could stay this direction or not bother and lose nothing.

If you already like them, you’ll either welcome this or not, but I would lay my money on the former. The song has a lot going for it as it comes completely out of left field but lands in the right place. Not that the Spiders don’t have political views or play like rebels or anything, they do, but it usually sounds a little less emphasized this way. But if this is any indication of their sound to come, it’s welcomed even though their usual stuff is also awesome. But don’t get me wrong, it took some getting used to just accepting this as their work, after reviewing them in the past. If you haven’t heard them, look them up and see, you’ll notice how this number differs without taking them completely beyond recognition. Maybe it’s just a temporary adjustment made to fit the single and video, but if so they should consider traveling down this more refined road. I’m not calling this a sell out or something, it’s actually a slight improvement if you ask me. There is some great musicianship displayed in three minutes, as where it’s usually not a point they try to make. They usually let the songs be the focus, but on this it’s how they play that wins me over. It could also be just a band finding their feet, or on the other hand an unintentional improvement. Who knows, but one thing that I do know is this song jams with the best of today’s rock. And being passionate about the election, it’s a winner itself to me.  


Scott Prinzing