The Will McBride Group Makes Sense of Chaos


Will McBride Group ReviewThree men who love to make music that moves but grooves, that would be Will McBride Group. “Mental Health Day” has this cool vibe to it, even though it’s about getting some time away from a chaotic life. It’s interesting to take a subject like that and toss it into this groove. With “All In” you get that same feel but of course the subject matter has changed. Here is where you can see this band on stage at a local farmer’s market, entertaining the community with feel good music. We switch things up with “If You Were Gone.” While the song still has a great soft beat, we see the heartbreak of Will McBride Group. We keep that going with what is probably my favorite from these guys, “Tell Me I’m Wrong.” It’s flow has a way of keeping you hooked from the start. The delivery is on point and the reality of it all is that it’s just a top notch mark in this band’s rolodex. If you’re a fan of adult contemporary music, check out Will McBride Group right now. (