Tomer Douiev Produces Hip and Moving Fusions of R&B and Ballad

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Tomer Douiev weaves magic into music as he delivers important stories and portrayals through his extensive, varied styles and songs producing the best of both worlds

Jerusalem, Israel – December 1st, 2020 – A gifted and influential force behind the mix and fusion of different moving genres, Tomer Douiev is a master of the art of R&B and Ballad-style music. The phenomenal master of both genres continues to grow and succeed in the industry with his distinct style and production. Born on 2nd February in 1980, Tomer Douiev has long been involved in music and started writing music from a young age. The budding artist made his first piece at the age of 12 and has ever since produced a plethora of musical compositions, that continue to enthrall audiences and have made a strong imprint in Israel’s music scene.

In 2006, the up-and-coming artist wrote the song “For You” which became an instant hit and was played on repeat on local radio becoming an anthem of love, loss and intimacy. The song represents a careful composition that is a mix of rock and delicate musical styles that best characterize the spirit of music that Tomer Douiev was pursuing at that time. The song narrates the story of Tomer’s love and adoration for his loving partner (now his wife) who continued to support his artistic journey and life and was a loving dedication to their intimate relationship.

This beautiful and soulful mix was followed by another moving single that took upon a slightly varied style and musical composition. The second breakthrough single “Nothing exists” is characterized by distinct R&B vibes and sounds and is a mix of authentic Irish music- a genre that Tomer has great admiration and appreciation for. The song itself is a burning reminder of life, loss and our journey between life and death and is an inspiring, moving story. Tomer Douiev later also released a song about contemporary affairs and the haunting abduction of Israeli soldier- Gilad Shalit. Released anonymously to radio and media stations, the song represents a wider goal of narrating the struggles of the abducted soldier and a stronger message for masses. Tomer, for this reason, refrained from releasing the piece under his name as it was not meant for personal gains or popularity but a greater goal. To the widespread acclaim and delight of Tomer Israel, Gilad was released soon after 5 years in painful captivity and returned to the safety and peace of his own home and family.

His next single to be produced is “Maybe You’ll Stay” which talks about a well-publicized couple and their tough and moving lives targeted by interfering, invasive tabloids and the world of gossip which blurs their personal and public bounds. The song takes upon a ballad style that continues his artistic character. Tomer is currently working on a re-arrangement of his original song “Nothing exists” in the English language and expects to break into the industry and make listeners worldwide enthralled by his sentiments.




 Tomer Douiev is an independent songwriter, singer and musician who works independently and works on the distinct styles of R&B fused with Ballad. 40 years old, Tomer Douiev is married and enjoys life with his wife and 2 kids. A friend of nature, Tomer is also the protector of 2 pet dogs, 2 rabbits and a few beautiful, special birds.



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