Tommy Botz – Teddy Bear”

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The Lord took a little girl and this single by Tommy Botz is something he believes he was told to record after writing in a jail cell. “Teddy Bear” is about the loss of a young child, told through the sweet voice of Logan Wells, and there’s a lot more to it all but the main objective is how the music and words stack up to describe the whole picture. And I liken the story of Botz to get to this track, but you can start anywhere with such a well-crafted project. The sincerity of Logan Wells is the first thing that jumps out at you, but it only increases from there.

It helps to look-into the bigger picture to find out Tommy Botz is no angel, but his music turns out to be angelic, so it comes out in the wash after living a not so clean life. This is what actually-led to meeting someone who had lost their young daughter in a bad way, so it totally inspired Botz to come up with a true gem in the process. And come up with one is what he did, only that is an understatement. It seems to just be what happens when all the elements come together correctly, and a song just works from there.

REVERBNATION: But this isn’t a happy song, it’s just a good thing for country because it’s 50/50 in that department, and this song cuts the nothing but all the right chords.  The hardest parts of reviewing it is the background of the artist, and the loss of this little girl’s life. But once you set that aside, the song takes you over and succeeds on its own merit. In fact, I could listen to this in acapella or as an instrumental and enjoy them almost as much as the words and music together, and that is because it’s mixed evenly to equally showcase both aspects.

You’ll find it all here, a country ballad with every texture in the book added for ups and downs at just the right times of the song. The rest keeps you interested because the sound of her voice is special, it’s not of today’s ilk, her voice is absolutely-astonishing. She has the-ability to swing between emotional and stable with an effortlessness most singles, male or female, don’t seem to possess. It will keep you in awe till the last second and you’ll want to hear it multiple times a day, that’s how it really works on you.

The music is the most important thing, of course, but it’s work researching Tommy Botz and getting more about his rise to where he is today, and the album – The Music Of Tommy Botz has more great songs to offer following the release of “Teddy Bear.” Check out the whole interesting experience of this Tommy Botz and this heartfelt new single with some of the best vocals and lyrics in any existing music genre today, because they don’t write ‘em, sing and play ‘em like this anymore.

Jamie Morse

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