Tommy Mauro and Bad Credit Blend The Rock and The Folk


Tommy Mauro and Bad Credit Blend The Rock and The FolkTommy Mauro & Bad Credit credit themselves as “alternative rock and folk rock written from the soul.” They are right to say that because their sound finds a solid balance between rock that’s a bit alternative and the rock that has some folk elements. If you could take a time machine back to 1964, you’d likely hear “Random Chant” blasting from the record players of a flower child. The vocals carry as if in a cave and convey a very trippy vibe. Things get a bit emotional with “Nuff Said God Bless Andrea.” The rock is absent, but the humanity of the music is there. The rock slowly crawls back into action with “Creation” and stays until “All Those Genre’s” final note. Then there’s something wise about “Sandman” with its vocals that sound like they’re in the other rooms, it gave off the impression that Tommy Mauro & Bad Credit were a through and through alternative band. Then you remember the folk times you had with them. If you find yourself listening to music that falls somewhere between folk and good ol’ fashioned rock and roll, then you’re going to want to check out Tommy Mauro & Bad Credit. (

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