Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca

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Tony Lucca


Tony Lucca is from the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan raised within an enormous family of musicians. Luca finished third on the second season of the hit television singing competition, The Voice in 2012. As a result, he won a record deal in the and received more press coverage than any contestant on the show that season. Following his season, Lucca made a record with coach Adam Levine, and even went on tour with Levine’s band; Maroon 5. Tony has recently released his eighth full-length, and first self-titled album to share with he world and it is absolutely astounding. Tony believes that this album is going to make him a household name and I can’t say I disagree.

Tony Lucca has an amazing selection of songs on his first self-titled album Tony Lucca, but these three are the ones that stood out to me the most, and here is why:

“Old Girl,” has an amazing combination of country and rock roots. The song is about getting rid of the negative people in one’s life, in this case it being an “old girl,” and bringing in new, positive people. I love the message Lucca projects in this track because it’s something we should all be doing. Disposing of the negativity, and taking in the positive.

“My Confession,” sounds like an old school midwest tune. It sounds like something that would be background music in the movie Holes, and I love it. This is the kind of song I would blast in my car during the summer when I’m going out with friends. It’s got a fun, unique beat with quirky lyrics that you just want to scream at the top of your lungs.

“Delilah,” is one of the calmer, more heartfelt songs on Tony’s self-titled album. Though it still has that rock, country twist, it’s got a consistent acoustic guitar playing and that makes the song even better. I really love how Tony’s voice is toned in this track, it sounds a bit washed out at parts which surprisingly works here.

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Tony Lucca has done far more with his career than anyone could ever hope to, but he’s not exactly where he wants to be yet. I really enjoy listening to Tony’s music because it puts me in a great mood. He sings the kind of songs you want to roll up to a bar with all your friends in. It’s cool, it’s fun and it has a good beat. I definitely think this album could help push Tony’s career over the edge. It’s exactly what his loyal fans expected out of him, and what his potential, new fans will swoon over. As long as Tony keeps doing things his way, he will find a way to succeed even more than he already has. He’s got the soul and the talent to make it big. Don’t sleep on Tony Lucca, he’s going to tear the music world apart.

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by: Michelle Lopez

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