Touching Hearts with Fresh Yet Classic Melodies and Brilliant Vocals: Tod Almond Enthrals with Refreshing New Single

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Tod Almond provides a fresh, welcome, and inspiring listening experience with the release of his newest Hard Rock single ‘Let’s Party.’

Cambridge, Cambridgeshireshire, United Kingdom — December 17th, 2021 – Determined to inspire listeners to enjoy the life they are living and tell profound stories of his own, solo artist Tod Almond devoted countless hours into creating his refreshing new single ‘Lets Party.’ Almond dwells into the journey of his own life to come up with captivating lyrics and uses his instruments to create moving rhythms that he describes as an extension of his emotions; it is this masterful combination that creates the unmatchable singles his fans look forward to.

Releasing on December 17th, 2021, ‘Let’s Party’ is a unique single that draws inspiration from Classic Rock and Punk, with sounds that compliment both yet fits into neither category. Tod Almond is widely praised by listeners for creating melodies that embed so easily into one’s memory that you find yourself humming along in no time, and his newest single is a perfect embodiment of this.

Produced by Michael Bivens, this ‘Classic Rock Infused Punk’ song is made up of charming lyrics that have a story telling quality, while maintaining a fresh feel throughout. Drawing inspiration from the likes of well-known British bands such as Pink Floyd, The Cure, The Sex Pistols, The Stranglers and The Jam, Tod Almond uses ‘Let’s Party’ to instill in listeners his belief that one should always be who they want to be and never change for anyone.

Reviews describe Almond’s music as “full of catchy songs with similarities from the past, yet with a fresh and modern newness” which is precisely what listeners can look forward to from not only ‘Let’s Party’, but also his newest album which he is currently working hard on.

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Born in Boston, United Kingdom, singer/songwriter Tod Almond writes and records songs about the journey of his life, his daily adventures and emotions. Inspired by the British music scene in the Late 70’s and early 80’s, Almond was 18 years old when he picked up a guitar and had the urge to write his own songs.

Over the years, he created his very own emotional way of storytelling through his music. Capturing everyday emotions that everybody feels and then expressing them with a creative style and sound unique to himself, Tod Almond learned to touch hearts all over the world. It is this creativity and uniqueness that earned his last album ‘If Only You Could See’ 5 Star Commended Awards from the UK Song Writing Competition. Almond is enthusiastic to continue making music for the people and see where his musical journey takes him next.


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