Tow’rs – Grey Fidelity


Tow’rs – Grey Fidelity


From Arizona comes Tow’rs, a fascinating 5 member band fronted by husband-wife team Kyle and Gretta Miller. Their sound is a unique hybrid of contemporary passion pop with hints of earthy alternative pop with earthy, fusion-esque instrumentation combining the best of acoustic duo folk, folk pop indie folk post-rock and singer-songwriter styles of music. Wow after statements like that I can’t wait to hear this stuff.

This latest 11 track release entitled Grey Fidelity bursts to life with well-appointed movements, earthy vibe and 2 strong vocal instruments. Also present are tight harmonies and consistent groove-ridden rhythm section. In my opinion this project features 2 main members – Kyle and Gretta Miller. These 2 instruments are finely balanced within the mix in tight vocal unison with each other. The vocal range of Kyle Miller on primary and the backing harmonies from Gretta are especially appealing to the higher registry, is artfully defined while still layered quite nicely within the pocket. This high registry of sound coupled with sweet melodies are essential in today’s pop arena and almost all tracks on this 11 song LP have this feel. Vocally this record has much to offer insofar as vocal passion, emotion, and grace without falling into the vocalist-with-supporting-arrangement trap we’ve all grown accustomed to. With marquee tracks like “Alright” and “When I’m Silent” stimulating the senses one can’t help but admire how all the instruments/players are distributed evenly within this album. Some of this is true to form old school duo-pop that successfully captures the vintage songwriting virtuoso. One will even notice a tragic-sweetness to all the songs meshed with blooming hooks, all the while maintaining an intimate feel. Grey Fidelity by the way is the perfect name for this album. Its impressive how all these musical genre’s work well together here. Also present are simple beats, smooth moving bass, good vocal feel, and honey coated vocal flavoring. Many songs on this album are more than ripe for even the old pop generation to listen to. On this 11 track LP one will find no evidence of shallow overdubbing or a disappointingly amateurish mixing style slammed into place via a disingenuous attempt at making a hit record. These are all high-quality clean recordings that balance out both natural and midi sounds flawlessly.

Tow’rs has a great deal of potential for widespread appeal, as this band is picking up steam this year. As a whole, it’s an impressive 11 track LP Grey Fidelity. This LP has an amazing spirit that appeals to the many, but regardless of any of that Grey Fidelity proves that with continued dedication and a powerful slew of songs a dream can be fully realized.


Eddie Norman