Transformative Vocals and Powerful Tunes form an Unforgettable Record: Moonlight Rhythm Society Release New Pop-Jazz Fusion

Transformative Vocals and Powerful Tunes form an Unforgettable Record: Moonlight Rhythm Society Release New Pop-Jazz Fusion

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With memorable lyrical arrangements, intricately woven melodies, and a gripping set of arrangements, Moonlight Rhythm Society is building on a unique roster

Uplifting audiences with their catchy and cleverly composed blends, Moonlight Rhythm Society are hoping that their inventive and vivid new release finds its own fanbase.

Titled ‘Tampico Shuffle,’ the powerful record intricately spins together a refreshing and wide-ranging set of genres, all from the mind of the genius collective. On the crossroads of Pop and Jazz, the group’s electric new record features a moving and magnetizing soundscape.

‘Tampico Shuffle’ marks the 13th release by the South Africa-based Power Trio songwriting team that calls itself Moonlight Rhythm Society. In search of like-minded audiences that appreciate the artists’ craftsmanship, the new record is punctuated by a powerful arrangement and a dynamic production.

Divulging a different and striking mix of tunes and rhythms, Moonlight Rhythm Society’s newest drop stands out in its careful and stunning use of different instruments that are played by accomplished live musicians- no samples and no loops.

Piquing the interest of listeners with its hooking lyricism, bold and attention-grabbing vocals, and electric tunes, Moonlight Rhythm Society is a genre-defining act. More than anything, however, the band’s works have the admirable ability to transport audiences to a distant memory, led by their intimate instrumentation.

“Our music is very different from the current popular music, focusing on melodic strength and meaningful lyrics, each of our songs is a musical journey taking turns and changing the landscape as the song progresses,” say the artists behind Moonlight Rhythm Society.

With an aim to write, record and perform music that they love, the artists are hoping that their brilliant records will find an audience that feels the same way as they do.

Check out Moonlight Rhythm Society’s official website and Bandcamp, Amazon Music, iTunes, and other official platforms to buy, stream, and download their exciting new single, “Tampico Shuffle!” Follow their social media for updates on new and upcoming music, and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



Moonlight Rhythm Society is a collective of three seasoned musicians who have been making music together since the early 1980s. Hailing from Austria, Marcus and Andreas Oberlechner migrated to South Africa and settled near Johannesburg, where they have been crafting soulful tunes ever since. The third member of the trio, Peter Gaylord, is the mastermind behind the songwriting team.

The Society is completed by a diverse and talented group of musicians from around the world, including Yaron Gerschovsky on keyboards and vocal arrangements, Giacomo Pasquali on lead and rhythm guitar, Denny Laloutte on bass guitar, Gal Gershovsky on drums, Sage Myers on backing vocals, and David Ricard on horn arrangements.

In 2020, when the world was brought to a standstill, Society took advantage of the opportunity to explore new material and make significant strides in their recording techniques. Moonlight Rhythm Society’s music is best described as a fusion of genres, blending elements of jazz, blues, soul, and rock to create a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary.


Moonlight Rhythm Society
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