Traversing Unchartered Territories in Hip Hop Music – Seasoned Artist DoubleJae Unveils Captivating Single

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DoubleJae presents a very unique and grown up version of hip hop, something audiences are not quite used to seeing in the industry today

Staten Island, NY Anthony Jackson, who prefers to go by his stage name ‘DoubleJae’, is a seasoned rapper and songwriter who has garnered quite a lot of fame for his unique perspective on hip hop music. He has made headlines around the world because he recently unveiled his latest single – a manifestation of the sprit of elevated hip hop music, titled ‘The Devil’s A Liar’.

This release comes at a momentous occasion, wherein the industry is rapidly getting saturated with hip hop artists who are incapable of innovating. ‘The Devil’s A Liar’ is already making a profound statement in the hip hop space, owing to how well constructed and grown-up its lyricism is. The song itself tells the life story of Anthony Jackson, with a particular focus on the time he spent living on the streets and the evil that came along with it. DoubleJae’s journey has been a rough one – he has overcome adversities and incarceration and has become an example of breaking through with his street smarts and commitment to his dream. The song also sheds a lot of focus on how despite all the lemons life handed out to him, DoubleJae remained a huge advocate of always making sure that he was helping others.

What makes this particular song, and therefore by extension his entire discography unique is the fact that DoubleJae is extremely unafraid to express himself through his words. It is his unapologetic attitude and carefree approach towards hip hop music in particular that has allowed him to give rise to a niche that is completely exclusive to only his style of music.

The song is available on all digital platforms. Written by DoubleJae, the song was distributed by Force Mds Music/ Sony Orchard. The song was produced by Durrell Jackson, and engineered by Bill Marquez, who also goes by ‘Brutal’.

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Anthony Jackson, who is perhaps better known by the rap persona he has crafted in the form of ‘DoubleJae’, is a seasoned rapper and songwriter who has unveiled his latest single titled ‘The Devil’s A Liar’. Championing everything that makes hip hop music great, DoubleJae adds his signature touch to the release by ensuring that his perspectives stay fresh and have a ‘grown up’ energy to them. Having had experience opening for Biggie, and having collaborated with HDM, Havoc, DoubleJae got the golden opportunity to perform at the legendary Tunnel in New York.

Currently his new single is airing on BET JAMS.


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