TreynWrek Rocks Out the Blues


treynwrek-reviewTreynWrek is a psychedelic rock band with a heavy blues influence from Spring, Texas. Their music will move those who have classic tastes. “Hangover Blues” is a full fledged rock and roll song. It’s got this gritty sound that has a blues rock base that makes it sound a little southern. “In the Morning” follows that same path but goes a little into the alternative a little bit. The rapid fire delivery makes this one stand out a little from the rest. Speaking of standing out, “Electric Fire Blues” does just that with a sensual pace. “Take It Away” does nothing of the sort, if anything it adds to the whole TreynWrek atmosphere. To cap it off, “Wasting Away” brings it all together. If you’re into that rock and roll from years past then check out TreynWrek. (