Tune Into Late Nite Cable


Late Nite Cable ReviewThe east coast duo of Late Nite Cable left the normalcy of day jobs and have since set out on a musical journey. One that today starts off in “Berlin.” This tune has a great vocal presence from their male lead and the feel is light and makes you want to not only move, but also listen up. The lyrics contain a lot of depth. With “What Are You Waiting For” they take command and you just feel life when it starts, and you do the same with “Hold You Back.” What you really will fall in love with when it comes to this duo is that they have a modern feel while paying homage to a sort of New Wave scene out of the 80’s. You could imagine their songs being played as part of the backdrop to “Jem and the Holograms,” the cartoon – not the bomb of a movie. If that sounds tubular to you, check out all Late Nite Cable has to offer and make sure to check and see where they’re playing next near you! (https://soundcloud.com/late-nite-cable)