Tutrenium No-Okamai Redefines Hip Hop with Provocative EP ‘The Ultimatum Edition’

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A new direction for Hip from a broken mind- ‘The Ultimatum Edition’ is a 5-track record which underscores the journey of finding a moral compass in the dark

Leominster, Ma —May 31st, 2023 –Tutrenium No-Okamai breaks new ground with his latest EP, ‘The Ultimatum Edition.’ With five tracks that delve into the depths of his broken mind, Tutrenium presents a contemplative and thought-provoking exploration of a darker path, challenging conventional notions of finding light in darkness.

In a landscape dominated by technically polished and computer-focused music, Tutrenium stands apart by staying true to his vision of authenticity. He takes pride in crafting his music without external mastering, rejecting the notion of creating artificial sounds and instead emphasizing the importance of expressing one’s true voice.

The talented artist believes that most rappers today are merely “paid to brag,” offering a false sense of excitement without addressing real problems. While some of his songs may be considered offensive, he encourages listeners to explore the deeper messages within his music, including the exploration of a corrupt system as vividly portrayed in his standout track, ‘They Blamed the Devil.’

In addition to his thought-provoking content, Tutrenium also injects humor and clever wordplay into his music. Through tracks like ‘Kitty is Fat,’ he challenges societal expectations and trolls listeners with playful innuendos.

Tutrenium’s artistic integrity extends to his stance on financial support. Instead of seeking donations or sales, he prefers that corporation’s foot the bill, allowing listeners to enjoy his authentic music without any financial burden. Tutrenium’s goal is to create a space where genuine music thrives, offering listeners an immersive experience that resonates on a deeper level.

“I made my music with the intent of speaking my truth. I believe in actual music not a false sense of excitement and my channel promotes real problems,” comments the artist on his raw artistry.

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Tutrenium No-Okamai is a transformative hip-hop artist with a complex background and a compelling story. Born in Virginia, Tutrenium’s early life was marked by challenges and struggles. Raised by a mother with borderline personality disorder, he faced a tumultuous environment and endured troubling experiences. Tutrenium found himself entangled in the world of psycho hospitals and the foster care system but held onto resilience and soon at the age of 13, he finally broke free.

As he navigated through his teenage years, Tutrenium faced various accusations and earned a controversial reputation. However, he focused on honing his artistic talents, using music as a form of self-expression, reflecting his unique journey, defying conventional norms, and challenging societal expectations. With a complex relationship with religion and a rejection of traditional ideologies, Tutrenium embraces a perspective that questions established norms. An unconventional force, the 25-year-old, Tutrenium No-Okamai continues to evolve, using his music to share his story and challenge listeners to reconsider their own beliefs. Through his unapologetic artistry, he explores the depths of our own humanity in a world that often seeks to define and confine.


Tutrenium No-Okamai
Name: Tutrenium No-Okamai
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5084251510


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC02zJKO623hstqeR8xyeJgQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7a0n4Ygm6KxVR0IaxfcQHP?si=fOreyU2cT6KdfPhXixnd_g


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