U-Turn Shine Brightest During The ‘Darkest Hour’ With New Release

U-Turn Shine Brightest During The ‘Darkest Hour’ With New Release

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New Rock Album Available Soon


Beaver Dam, Kentucky – March 24, 2020 – It has been 20 years since the talented quartet came together, but if there’s one thing that has remained constant in all those years it’s been their ability to rock it out. With their third album, ‘Darkest Hour,’ on the horizon, they’re ready to get back at it and hit every stage from coast to coast and beyond. 

‘Darkest Hour’ is U-Turn’s first album in 13 years. It follows ‘In Your Face,’ which came after their huge debut, 2003’s ‘No Filler.’ Their Bonote Records debut garnered them the attention of ESPN who utilized U-Turn’s “Survive” for their ‘The Life’ show. It was a major step towards the mainstream for the band and helped them set out on a 130-date tour that same year. 

Today U-Turn’s signature rock style is coming by way of their new label Big Label Records. With Big Label Records they’ll deliver a brand new album for all to hear. After taking a break, the guys are back and ready to rock out once more with ‘Darkest Hour.’ 

Those interested in adding new rock to their playlists, reviewing ‘Darkest Hour,’ or interviewing U-Turn can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on U-Turn, please visit: https://www.u-turnrocks.com


U-Turn is back after over a decade with their new rock record, ‘Darkest Hour.’

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