Under the Bodhi Tree drop EP


Under the Bodhi Tree drop EP

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Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting under the breathtaking Bodhi Tree with its legendary divinity and heart-shaped leaves. This amazing music is soft, abnormally transcendent with affectionate rhythms interspersed with receptive percussion that surely lifts the music as well as the human spirit. The inspirational choice together with the order of tracks definitely leads you through to a fantastic musical conclusion that certainly begs a second play.

The incredible album begins with melodic “Island in the Sun” an avid yet refreshing psychedelic guitar driven intro groove with hooky chorus, driving rock rhythm, and sensitively charged vocals from Depew. On the other hand, “She’s So Tired”, changes gears a little delivering a much more rocked-out groove. It brings with it a melodious musical flow combined with an emotional vocal feel, which is meshed against a heartfelt chorus and thought-provoking lyrical content. “The Angel” is great at keeping things moving towards the right direction with its systematic intro and warm musical feel. It eventually lends itself into a catchy melody that perfectly ebbs and flows its way to an arousing fruition. As this CD unfurls, I manage to hear loads of musical influences evocative of They Might Be Giants, The Strokes, The Fleet Foxes, Blind Melon, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and a dash of Pearl Jam. There is also a good dose of the Psychedelic Rock.

This band does an incredible good job at awesomely capturing the expressive Seattle sound devoid of trying too hard. Right from the beginning, you notice that the trio is quite comfortable just letting everything hang out musically. They do not hold anything back. Their overall musical vibe boasts a great Alternative Rock experience to it. At times, music is genuine, intellectually stimulating, gripping, and even melodic with a lot of hope shining right through it.

In addition to the four-piece standard, a rock-hard rhythm guitar can be heard playing. The same goes to a few inspiring solo segments, articulate sound effects, and well-placed vocal harmonies. All of them have been built upon a thick rhythm section. Granted, Depew has a solid vocal timber. He is full of reckless abandon and passion. All the vocal harmonies are highly effective and incredibly placed. Depew has excellent vocal instincts at the back the mix. Within every movement, he brings out an inviting timber, trailing vibrato, and is impressively powerful throughout.

At times, his trailing vibrato and vocal style perfectly reminds me of the renowned Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). There is no doubt that Depew is a talented songwriter, vocalist, and storyteller. I observed that behind the microphone and guitar, he unquestionably represents the epoch Seattle sound beyond expectations. He highlights impressive blues-based guitar licks. He is also an amazing soloist. You cannot deny that the songwriting is not only highly creative but also more than brilliant. It provides plenty of emotional depth and musical variety throughout.

All songs are steady musical experiences. Each one possesses a unique signature groove, flair, and personality. All songs that are over 3 minutes drag you right to the end. The previous bass guitarist lacks on several tracks but the addition of a new bass player really brings the sound together. Consequently, all you hear is just a guitar, a drum kit and voice within the sonic space.

You cannot deny that “Under the Bodhi Tree” delivers a remarkable 9-song album.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/under-the-bodhi-tree

by Aimee Bates