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Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina — What comes out of Trey Ghee’s mouth is power, which is the truth. He’s going to stay true until his dying breath, best believe he’s going to be iconic even after death.

The whole world is in love with this guy Trey Ghee he represents the struggle. Single mothers doing it all on their own, the youth who would rather pick up a blunt rather than a book, the inmates incarcerated for becoming a product of their own environment, the hard-working man who busts his ass working slave shifts to provide for his loved ones just to end up broke all over again. There’s hope and subliminal messages in his music where the people can find spiritual comfort. A change has to come in America, Trey Ghee is making it happen now. Listen to his inspirational music “I Aint Scared Of Death,” “Lets Rise,” too many to name.

“I’ve always believed in my own saying. Ultimate mastery comes not of the body, but of the mind. You can do anything you allow your mind to do, and I’m going to change the world through my music.”- Trey Ghee

Trey ghee came out his mouth and told the universe that he will be legendary. What he means is he’s going to leave his mark not only in hip-hop history and music itself he’s leaving his trademark, and that will forever be indented here on this earth. When he’s deceased resting eternally his legacy will live on. That’s the definition of a living legend.

Just goes to show you Trey Ghee is a born star. When you’re in his presence his ora feels up the room. He has an extreme passion for his music but not only for his music but for the world. He loves what he’s doing because it’s for the people to hear. That’s what makes him special. A legend in the making.

He dropped two LP albums within eight months. Working on his third album now.  That’ll be 3 LP albums within ten months. If you love good music visit his website: https://www.1andonlytreyghee.com




For Trey Ghee music is more than just vocals and backing tracks, it’s an expression of life. His music reflects on what he has been through in his life the bad comes with the good and he makes music about both, he’s been through hell and back his upbringing wasn’t pretty at all. Gangsta rap is one of his genres of music, but that’s not what trey ghee is all about. He makes music from a political point of view, party music, music for the women, music for the brothers and sisters in the struggle. Whatever is on his mind he puts it down and lets it all out with passion. He grew up poor with nothing to do and couldn’t play sports and on top of that he really didn’t have many friends, so music was his only outlet.  The first time he heard a hip-hop song on the radio he knew, he just knew right then and there that making music was something he wanted to make a career out of.


Trey Ghee
Name: Trey Ghee
Address: 135 Grayland Drive, Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 434-532-7684
Press Kit: https://www.1andonlytreyghee.com


Facebook: https://www.numberonemusic.com/treyghee
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/treyghee07
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f3BI9GHTX0Y&t=16s
Google Music: https://www.treyghee.hearnow.com/g-mode-unwritten-chapter
LinkedIn: https://www.treyghee.hearnow.com/g-modethetrials&tribulationsofanunknownlegend


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