Up-and-coming Wisconsin Indie Rapper and Beat Maker: Presenting to the World Brad Dassey

Up-and-coming Wisconsin Indie Rapper and Beat Maker: Presenting to the World Brad Dassey

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Composing unique tunes every once in a while and incorporating strong messages into his releases, emerging artist Brad Dassey is all set to make a name for himself in the world of music

Oshkosh, Wisconsin – December 27th, 2021 – Emerging beat maker & hip hop artist Brad Dassey is a true force to be reckoned in the musical world. Through incredible excellence and expertise in the genre of Alternative, Hip Hop & Rap music and unparalleled capabilities in various different musical aspects, the artist can be seen rising through the ranks and making it big, pretty soon. Brad Dassey has just released a brand new singles entitled, “Story of a Loss (A Loved One).”

In light of the Christmas Holiday Season, Brad and his two children, Natalie & Nolan Dassey have also released a new Hip Hop Christmas song entitled, “Merry Christmas,” which will be released to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Napster and more, following the Christmas season of 2021.  His new Hip Hop Christmas song paints a new light around Christmas time with the songs’ upbeat hip hop sound, deep sub bass vibes, piano melodies, screaming electric guitars and humorous catchy lyrics. Brad hopes his new hip hop Christmas song will take the internet by storm and become a hit sensation for many Christmases to come.

Brad Dassey’s new Christmas Hip Hop song, “Merry Christmas” was recently reviewed by Zachary Larson who is a professional touring guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Currently based in New York City, Zachary Larson is a versatile and accomplished guitarist whose performances have captivated audiences around the world. Zachary has been in the music industry since his High School years.

Mr. Larson goes on to describe Brad’s new song, “Merry Christmas” and writes:

“Brad Dassey has dropped the new Holiday Hip Hop track Merry Christmas ft. Nolan & Natalie Dassey. Opening with a piano bass line, Merry Christmas instantly spreads cheer with its upbeat groove and colorful mood. In keeping with the holiday season, the lyrics devote their entire being to the spirit of Christmas. Each verse hones in on what makes the holidays special. Whether it be food, music, family, or fun, they fill the air with excitement and positivity. In demonstration of what could be the true meaning of Christmas, members of Dassey’s immediate family, join in to help spread the message. Overall, Merry Christmas feat. Nolan & Natalie Dassey by Brad Dassey Music is a fun new holiday tune that is more Christmassy than Santa himself. The overall mood is what shines with Merry Christmas ft. Nolan & Natalie Dassey. The positivity and fun radiates from beginning to end.”

Fans of Eminem, Kanye West, Little Dicky, Drake, Macklemore, LL Cool J, KRS-One, Ludacris, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne should check out Brad Dassey’s new song, “Merry Christmas,” especially those who appreciate modern hip hop and holiday music.

With the release of his recent songs, the dedicated artist is hoping for his unique and compelling sound to reach the ends of the Earth and serve as a breath of fresh air to music lovers all around the world. “Story of a Loss” was released on November 30th, 2021, on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world including Spotify, ReverbNation, and SoundCloud amongst others.

Brad Dassey’s single was also uploaded to YouTube through Brad Dassey’s official YouTube channel. Released there on November 30th, 2021, the video on YouTube has managed to amass almost 11k views in the span of a single month. “Story of a Loss” has been composed in a way that delivers a strong and meaningful message behind each lyric of the song. It narrates a compelling story of strength and sheds light on the fact that even though people lose loved ones every day, they are never alone in their quest of life. Even though the song delivers such a soothing and light message, the harmonies incorporated in it are nowhere as subtle. The catchy melodies and funky tunes are bound to make people move along to the rhythm and invite them towards a fun and joyous time.

Brad’s song, “Story of A Loss” was recently reviewed by Jon Wright, a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the music recording field.  This is what Jon had to say about Brad’s musical works:

“This is phenomenal work!  The most commanding aspect of “Story of a Loss” is the quality and clarity of the sound – instantly immersing listeners in a pristine soundscape that feels expansive and intimate at the same time.  Considering the lyrical focus on death and the dearly departed, that auditory sense of space gives the listener room to breathe as they encounter the concepts – not demanding that they feel sorrowful or celebratory about it, but rather just acknowledging the paradox it presents in our daily patterns.  Delicate organ tones and richly resonant cello work support Dassey’s vocal tones well, and give the experience a bright emotional hue without feeling overly saturated or cloying.  Excellent use of post-production effects like doubled vocals and stylistic reverb also enrich the sound and give the entire work a polished final feel!

“Story of a Loss (A Loved One)” is designed to resonate with any and everyone who has dealt with the departure of someone close – and even strives to direct attentions to the temporary nature of our own presence on the planet through thoughtful lyricism and a pristine mix!  Fans of carefully crafted original Rap with real-world lyrical themes should find “Story of a Loss” to be a striking introduction to the creative efforts of Brad Dassey, as well as a strong promissory note of quality to come.” – Jon W.

Story of A Loss (A Loved One) has an audience appeal to those who like artists such as Fort Minor, Watsky, Lupe Fiasco, Common, The Pharcyde, El-P, Run The Jewels, Black Star, Vast Aire, MF DOOM, Deltron 3030, Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automator, Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Jonwayne, Aesop Rock, Gift Of Gab, Zion I, Eyedea & Abilities, Chance The Rapper, DANGERDOOM, Dr. Octagon & Logic, to name a few.

Being a recording artist, rapper, music composer, and sound engineer, Brad Dassey worked on the entire song all by himself and also has recently taken up the song mastering process. From writing the lyrics for the song, to arranging, composing, and mastering it, he did it from scratch to the end.

One thing that makes Brad’s music incredibly unique and stand out is his ability to make every song sound different from each other despite sticking to his original style of music. This approach that he has taken with his music has provided him with artistic individuality and a completely new style of music, hence he manages to stand out amongst other acts.

Brad wants to empower other hip hop & rap artists along the way so he has put together 30 instrumental rap beats on his website that can be used for free. The songs can be used for practice on mixtapes, podcast shows and other various types of audio / video projects.  People can follow him on social media and contact him for interviews/collaborations.


Brad Dassey was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin in 1983. He used to be a DJ on 101.1 WIXX FM & ran the Green Bay Packer games behind the scenes on WIXX FM radio as well as DJ at Rollaire Skate Center of Manitowoc. He also did some DJ work at Super Bowl Bowling Alley in Appleton for a couple of years.

Brad Dassey has also been a rising voice over actor under the alias of Brad Datz – “Datz My Guy!”  Brad has been voice over performing for the last 10 years and has voiced audio projects around the world including TV and Radio commercials, video narrations and also pre-recorded bus announcer announcements on the Fox Valley Transit System in Wisconsin.  Brad has had an uprising in the radio voice over imaging world and has lent his strong announcer voice to radio stations all over the globe as well as DJ Drops for DJ’s, too.  Brad hopes to become a recognized promo voice over actor for major networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX among others.

You can download Brad Dassey’s music for free as well as listen on many major platforms.


Brand / Stage name: Brad Dassey Music
Legal Name: Brad Dassey
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/braddasseymusic
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/braddasseymusic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/braddasseymusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/braddasseymusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4KPSSafgPAQom27Dy6cCx2
SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/braddasseymusic
ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/braddasseymusic
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/braddassey


Brad Datz Voice Overs: http://www.bradvo.com


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