Upcoming Sensation Creates A Unique Mix of Genres With Every Dynamic Track: Rising Artist Dave Rose Ready To Take On The Music World

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Bending conventions and breaking norms, Dave Rose embarks on his journey to innovate, not only crafting new tracks that challenge rules, but breaking restrictive genre bounds through his multi-genre music.

Manhattan, New York – August 2nd, 2021 – Hailing from New York, Dave Rose is prepared to take the Hip Hop and R&B world by storm as he embarks on a journey to blend different genres, and present new and unique mixes to the world. Driving him is the need to create music that just doesn’t allow for his listeners to lose themselves in it, and a thirst to innovate old genres that have long since stagnated.

As such Dave Rose melds not only Hip Hop, but also R&B slicing them into a new fusion that follows for both of their best qualities to shine through. Being an innovator at heart, Dave is constantly experimenting with new genres trying to find the next mix which might help him to make the next leap in his process.

His newest track “Do Not Disturb” is a stirring demonstration of his prowess as he pulls listeners into a melodic mix of hip hop and R&B, where the composition creates an atmosphere mood and, while his soothing vocals relax listeners.

Stream Dave Rose’s latest music on the artist’s official platforms on YouTube and Spotify. Follow him on his Instagram handle to get more updates on his life and newest releases, and feel free to contact the artist through email for reviews, interviews, and collaborations.





From 15 years of age, Dave Rose has been obsessed with music, making his own tracks and compositions. Releasing his first song four years later, he has never looked back on pursuing his passion. Describing himself as someone who “can’t go a day without writing a new song”, Dave lives and breathes music. Whether it is creating original compositions, or working on his next song that will blend genres, music is everything to him. This driving passion for music is reflected in his craft, and is something that he hopes extends to listeners of his music as well.



Name: Dave Rose

Email: [email protected]

Number: (436)-767880007




Instagram https://www.instagram.com/daverosemusic/

YouTube https://youtube.com/c/DaveRoseMusic9

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/7kG1iBnzZYWUmRhE3kVpe8

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