Uplifting Listeners with Spirited, Unique, and Memorable Rock and Blues: Eclectic Rocker Timothy Lee Freeman Stuns with New Release

Uplifting Listeners with Spirited, Unique, and Memorable Rock and Blues: Eclectic Rocker Timothy Lee Freeman Stuns with New Release

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With the dynamic Rock release titled, “Catch 22”, talented singer-songwriter Timothy Lee Freeman is set to establish himself in the world of Experimental, Blues, and Metal

Painesville, Ohio- November 5th, 2021- A formidable force in the world of Rock, multi-genre talent Timothy Lee Freeman is driven to craft magnetic musical compositions which are out of the box, and unconforming to tried and tested mainstream styles.

Originally released on October 8th, 2021 on all official streaming platforms, “Catch 22” is an independent project which takes listeners down a new road. Uniquely structured and empowered by the stunning artist’s vocal prowess, the new track makes sure that Timothy Lee Freeman’s distinctive musical style is showcased seamlessly.

Tired of the genre’s monotonous and redundant depictions of melancholy, the seasoned artist is bringing the fun back to Rock, ensuring that people are able to revel in its spirit and are inspired to follow their own rhythms.

“I try not to follow the premade tried patterns but…try to make unique flows of rhythms and snaps, hopefully to provide spirit lifting words,” says the talented artist regarding his musical compositions.

“Catch 22” forms the release of decades of repressed musical emotions collecting within the artist over time in true musical fashion. With its release, the artist hopes to follow his musical passions, and future goals of recording more new music for his fans and followers of Rock.

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Timothy Lee Freeman is the brains behind a dynamic new phenomenon in Rock, empowered to make the genre reclaim its repute of thrill and unbridled fun. A seasoned singer-songwriter, Timothy has been playing Rock music all his life, but did not pursue it as a serious career up until recently.

Deciding to turn his hobby into something more serious, the promising artist decided to give it a go, and curated his debut track titled “Catch 22”. With its release, Timothy hopes his musical imprint gains traction and that he is able to formally break into the world of music, creating even more musical compositions.


Timothy Lee Freeman
Name: Timothy Lee Freeman
Email: [email protected]


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC7CLg5OmH4


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