Vaeda Black release “Suicide Love” Video

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Vaeda Black’s video for her latest single “Suicide Love” demonstrates how effective a visual clip can still be for a piece of quality songwriting. There are a number of supporting “actors” and “actresses” working with Black on the video and their choreographed dance work is perfect visual accompaniment for her music. Many videos rely on jump cuts, moving restlessly from one image to another, but Black’s video shows the same maturity you hear in her songwriting – the clip is fashioned and cut to conform to the song’s needs and has an almost painterly aspect in the sharp eyed way it uses color. The effect is low key, dark-hued, but nonetheless a visual feast for viewers. The camera keeps much of its attention aimed on Black and she never withers under the attention – instead, she helps bring the song to further life with her telling facial reactions. It’s never overdone. The supporting cast, as well, is there to help her get the song over and never steal attention from Black.

Black obviously exercised great care when considering how to make the song and video unique efforts judged on their own, yet ultimately unified in their final effect. The choice to have the video’s secondary performers engaging in intimate but nonetheless elegant physical activity, including dancing, emphasizes the strong poetic aspects of Black’s song without ever seeming too stagy. You can’t assign any particular label to Black’s music – it is truly rarely to hear such a completely realized song emerge from such a young performer, but just as much a writer. Black’s way with words is every bit as part of the overall package and I don’t think “Suicide Love” would be nearly as successful without the obvious effort she’s put into the writing and the visual presentation we are treated to in the song’s video.


The marquee element of the song is Black’s voice. She is capable of climbing from a sultry roll towards delicate and ethereal heights in the blink of an eye and her phrasing follows a coherent emotional trajectory. We can follow the line of Black’s desire from the song’s beginning and she brings us in close with the risk taking emotion running through every syllable, There are peaks built into the song’s vocal melody, but Black is careful to never over-exaggerate moments but, rather, modulate them, aiding them to stand out in well tuned contrast.

Vaeda Black’s “Suicide Love” is a single and video we’ll likely look back on as a key moment in a blossoming young career. It’s a song full of everything you look for in artists capable of sticking around for decades to come. Forget her age. By any evaluation or critical metric, Vaeda Black is producing mature and emotionally deep material with astonishingly full command of her musical powers. She likewise has a compelling visual sense the song’s accompanying video illustrates and the vision to bring those strengths together. It’s these kind of talents, among others, promising her staying power to entertaining and affect listeners for years to come.


Jamie Morse

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