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Los Angeles, California — In the world of independent artists, securing placements for their music in movies and TV shows has become a lucrative revenue stream. The tremendous benefits of having a song featured in a blockbuster film or a popular episodic series far surpass the challenges of touring and relying solely on streaming revenue. One artist, however, has taken this passion and pursuit of placements to ambitious heights by establishing his own production company to create movies and feature films. Introducing VaughnBornFamous, the founder and operating producer of Born Famous Films, a renowned California-based production company specializing in film and video projects.

The seamless relationship between movies and music is undeniable, particularly in this digital age. VaughnBornFamous, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and soon-to-be graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Film Making and Graphic Design, fully grasps the intrinsic connection between these art forms. His diverse skill set empowers him to single-handedly oversee every aspect of productions, from writing scripts and video treatments to orchestrating the shooting process. With his remarkable background in music, the New Jersey-born rock star effortlessly translates his expertise into the world of filmmaking.

Back in 2022, VaughnBornFamous took the music industry by storm with his chart-topping pop and rock hits like “Drifter” and “Closing Time.” Now, not only can he seamlessly drift through various film sets, but he can also close production deals while infusing his own unique musical soundscapes into captivating sequences specifically crafted for the silver screen. One notable accomplishment is his recent short feature film titled “Crossing,” which caught the attention of Nustream Entertainment and secured an exclusive distribution deal through their $3 subscription service. In this poignant film, VaughnBornFamous assumes the roles of director, producer, and sound designer as he delves into heartfelt storytelling about border crossing and life in Mexico. The masterpiece has already received accolades at several esteemed film festivals, solidifying VaughnBornFamous’s presence as a force to be reckoned with in the same sync world he was fighting to get into only a year ago. He now has various placements in addition to his own projects varying from beer commercials to reality shows.

Aside from consistently dropping engaging music videos on his popular YouTube channel, VaughnBornFamous has his sights set on creating thought-provoking documentaries. One such project revolves around the art of tattooing in California, while another aims to explore the realm of politics in Southern California. However, his current passion project entails writing a gripping script centered around Al Capone’s bootlegging era in California. With a relentless drive to bring his visionary ideas to life, VaughnBornFamous continues to make strides across all facets of the entertainment industry.

As Born Famous Films gains prominence, it becomes increasingly essential to spread the word about VaughnBornFamous’s extraordinary talent and his invaluable contributions to both music and film. By establishing his own production company, VaughnBornFamous has not only triumphed over his competitors but has also shattered the barriers limiting artists in the sync world. The exceptional quality of his work, combined with his deep-rooted understanding of the intricacies of music and film, sets him apart as a true trailblazer. VaughnBornFamous’s ability to seamlessly synchronize the realms of music and film has brought forth a new era of creative synergy. His unwavering passion and ambitious pursuits have propelled him to the forefront of the industry, securing placements in his own films and continually pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

As his fanbase eagerly awaits his next ventures, it is undeniable that VaughnBornFamous’s impact will reverberate throughout the entertainment world for years to come. Check out his latest short feature film, “Crossing” available only at

And in case you were wondering the multi-faceted artist also has a new album releasing November 3rd on all platforms “Ghetto Love Stories” which will set a precedent for its own visual masterpieces by the Recording Artist/Director. Listen to VaughnBornFamous Now!

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VaughnBornFamous is a Jack of All trades who is embarking on a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry, showcasing the intersection of music and film. He is a billboard streaming, top 50 iTunes artist consistently known for Pop-Rock hits and collaborations for his generation who is also responsible feature films that tug at human emotion.

VaughnBornFamous commonly uses themes of high life, love, and misfortune in his music and films.


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